Saudi Support Extremism in Germany

 Extremism in Germany

Extremism in Germany

A leaked intelligence report reveals that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar support extremist Islamic groups in Germany. The report raises concerns over the increase in support for fundamentalist Salafism, with the ideology already having 10,000 followers and growing. The report accuses Gulf groups of funding mosques, religious schools, hardline preachers, and conversion groups to spread the ideology. This missionary movement is part of a long-running strategy to exert influence, with the three states funding organizations such as the Saudi Muslim World League, Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad al-Thani Charitable Association, and Kuwaiti Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS).

The report states that all three organizations are closely connected with government offices in their home countries. While the BND and BfV have not confirmed the accuracy of the leaked excerpts, some security community members believe that the report was internally leaked to pressure the German government to stop controversial arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Amidst these allegations, the country’s ambassador to Germany, Awwas Alawwad, has rejected accusations of supporting Salafism, stating that his government does not build mosques or export imams and has no connection with German Salafism. The Sheikh Eid Association and RIHS have also denied any links to jihadi terrorism in the past.

These allegations highlight the issue of extremism in Germany and the need for the government to address the growing influence of fundamentalist Salafism. How the German government will respond to these allegations and the potential pressure to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia remains to be seen. Source


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