Information overkill & trading markets utilizing Mass Psychology


Information overkill & trading markets utilizing Mass Psychology

July 27, 2016

Information overkill is the reason we don’t inundate your inbox with updates, and this applies both to our paid subscribers and to subscribers of our free Newsletter.  We are already inundated with too much unnecessary junk. On any given day you will find experts telling you why the markets are destined to soar and why they are destined to crash, so how is anyone supposed to make any sense of this.  News outlets are desperate for eyeballs, so they are going out of their way to make titles bombastic, and or offering multiple scenarios so that when one of them comes to pass, they can proudly state we told you so.

The problem is that in most cases the information used to back these scenarios is on par with toilet paper.  At this point, we will stop and make another prediction. The masses are getting tired of bombastic crap being put out by places such as Yahoo, Market watch, the street, Huffington Post, etc.  We have been monitoring all these sites and for the past 12 months, they have been steadily losing eyeballs no matter what crap they try to market.  We have also noticed overseas news outlets are moving up in rankings.  There is a big paradigm change in the works. People want to hear the truth; they want a story to have some meat, no matter how short that story is, and they are tired of being tricked to click on a link only to find out that the title was the best part of the story. Today’s reporters like mindless bots assume they can continuously employ the same approach, and the masses will embrace them with the same gusto as yesteryear.

This brings us to a very important point.  The problem with the world today is that is over 90% of the world especially in the West; want to live the life of a king but on soldier’s salary. They want to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have to impress people they hate with their guts. Why would they want to do this? The idea is to give their enemies the illusion all is well. We have news for these moron’s; you don’t climb in life by impressing your enemies. The focus should be on making yourself better and or the product/service you are selling better.

You see this trend everywhere. The first sign that a massive new trend change was underway was when Obama a nobody was elected president. He had no experience; he was just a fresh senator; decades of tradition were broken and thrown into the toilet.  Now this year we have Terrible Cruz, Rowdy Rubio, insane Hillary, hopeless Bernie, etc. all trying to run for president. With such a terrible line-up, loudmouth Trump starts to look good. After all, he has some business savvy and is to some degree an outsider. We are not endorsing Trump; we are just illustrating a trend in motion.  Take this a step further, college students want to go to the top colleges, and they want their parents to pay for it. What happened to the day you went to the college you could afford, and you worked to pay for all of it or, at least, helped your parents.  Let’s move to the workforce, most workers from top to bottom want to do as little as possible but want the highest possible reward. Today’s corporate officers are looking for ways to improve EPS (earnings per share) without doing any hard work or coming out with any innovations. The trick, borrow money on the cheap and use it to buy back shares thereby magically boosting the EPS.

We have always stated that for any con to work you need two elements the conman and the person willing to be a victim. The share buyback scam continues because the public does not care what method is used to boost earnings as long as earnings look great. If shareholders cared, they would have made a noise long ago.  If you look everywhere, you see this trend of doing nothing and wanting everything is gaining traction.

What made the baby boomers great and all those that came to the U.S decades ago? Everyone worked hard; there were no handouts, today’s generations wants the best of the best, but they do not want to pay for it.  On that note, a superpower holds onto its position for roughly 250 years before it is replaced. America has held that position for slightly over 240 years, so the end is near.

Points to remember

Law of balancing

This law states that the more you do, the less you will receive as the equation must balance. That is why most good Samaritans end up dead before their time, and this is also the reason most heroes die young. It is not bad to help someone, but you should never attempt to help those that do not want the help or do not seek it; the only exception being young children.

This stock market is supposed to crash and burn

This is why it will not; it will crash (more like a very strong correction) one day, but that day is not upon us yet. The markets will most likely trade a lot higher than any of these naysayers could ever envision.  The Fed is far more powerful than few hundred loud mouths that claim to be experts but, in reality, know next to nothing.


Forget bombastic titles and ignore the spin doctors; look for outlets that focus on the real issues at hand and describe things how they are and not how they should be.  In terms of the market focus on the trend and spurn the noise. At the end of the day, the trend is supreme to all the crap that the experts are busy spewing. If these experts really knew what they were talking about, they would not appear on TV trying to sell you crap you don’t need at a ridiculously inflated price; instead they would be at a lovely resort enjoying all the gains they were banking from the trades they were making. But 90% of experts are not doing this, so it means they don’t know what they are talking about and hope that you don’t catch on to their con game.

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