Why you should not be worried about a stock Market Crash

Why you should not be worried about a stock Market Crash-its the code word to back the truck up and buy 

What happens when the stock market crashes

What happens when the stock market crashes; the Smart money backs the truck up and buys everything 

This is a video of the article titled The scary Stock market crash that experts are overhyping of which a small excerpt is provided below. More of our readers have been asking us to for video articles and so going forward we will be providing all new articles in text or video format.

If you look at history going all the way back to the Tulip bubble one theme rings out loudly; the experts always claim to know exactly when the market is going to crash. Interestingly these same jackasses had no idea as to when the market would take off, but suddenly they have become experts regarding when the stock market should and must crash. Hidden in this rhetoric is a hidden theme that the masses in most cases fail to spot otherwise, these snake oil salesman would have been out of business long ago; these chaps were wrong so many times that had you listened to them you would have bankrupted yourself several times over. 

Note that even a broken clock is correct twice a day, depending on whether you follow standard or military time. Hence even if they eventually get it right, you would have been blown out of the water long time ago

What happens when the stock market crashes: fear mongers start to sing songs of doom

What happens when the stock market crashes; opportunity embraces you or slaps you in the face 

Plain and straightforward a stock market crash is the code word to buy; the top shadowy players start to build up cash the moment the press starts to push out these stories.  For the record, these very top mysterious players are the ones that direct the financial media to churn out these scare stories.  They know very well that once the mass stampede, that they will be able to come in and scoop all the top companies for pennies on the dollar. This time-tested strategy has worked for centuries, from the Tulip Mania to the most recent 2008 financial crisis.

Everything is connected if you look at the market with a set of clear eyes.  Free market forces ceased to exist after 2008; the markets were never free. All remnants of freedom vanished after the Fed decided to prop the markets indefinitely by forcefully maintaining an ultra-low rate interest rate environment.  Data is easily manipulated and if you understand this you can plan accordingly. Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution, and this is why most people do not know what to do because they do not understand the problem.

Now you know why we are the only financial website that covers such a wide array of topics;  on they surface appear to be unrelated but they are in fact, deeply interwoven.  Mass psychology is a very powerful tool, and if employed correctly can help you spot the abnormal levels of manipulation, the masses are subjected to. We strongly recommend that you take a look at Plato’s allegory of the cave.

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