Fiat Money Definition: Fiat is Behind Every Financial Crisis

Fiat Money Definition

Fiat Money Definition

Fiat money definition is meaningless today as most of the crowd does not even realize that the currency they are getting paid in is worthless paper.  However, for the few that seek an answer, Fiat money is money that is backed by nothing other than a promise that a debt will be paid off. In other words, it is a glorified IOU.

Fiat Money is Behind Every Financial Crisis and nothing is going to change in the foreseeable future.  The big players focus is to get you to forget that Fiat is not real; how is this achieved?

Well if it were us, we would divert their attention. We would make the masses focus on what they could buy with all this money. In other words, we would make Fiat money appear to be incredibly valuable.  To cement this illusion, we would pay a small segment of the population fantastic salaries and then allow these individuals to broadcast the flamboyant lifestyles they were living.

The goal of creating divisions in society is to make one group of individuals wish for the lifestyle that this other group is living. The more divisions you create, the greater the cover; in other words, these divisions are created to ensure that the masses forget the real task at hand. This has worked very well, for almost no one today questions Fiat.  Their main agenda today is to make more money so that they can lead a better life.

Fiat Money Definition: It’s no longer the main issue, Distraction is

Distraction is the key tool used to get people to forget Fiat is not real.  Playing devils advocate if we were in charge our objective would be to get people to forget that money was backed by nothing and not real; instead, the objective would be to make them focus on trying to get more and more of it.  In fact, this is exactly what the top players have done; the masses no longer question the validity of money; they just want to make more and more. This is a long topic, but it can be summarised in the following manner.

Fiat will not be replaced soon because most people do not believe that today’s money is fake. Instead, the focus is on gathering more and more. Therefore it is quite likely that the US deficit will top $90 trillion dollars before the masses start to pay serious attention to what is going on and even at that stage it is only a possibility and not a certainty.

If the masses do not view Fiat money as fake, one can conclude that until they do, the markets will rebalance after every strong correction and eventually rally to new highs as new loads of hot money are poured into the financial system.

Random thoughts on Fiat Money

The mother of all evils is fiat. Without Fiat, none of the above developments would have taken off. As money can be created out of thin air, those in the know have unlimited mechanisms to increase their wealth easily. The devastating boom and bust cycles the markets experience are not natural; they are created. Each cycle is pushed to the MAX in order to create more of an opportunity for those in the know-how. Now if you control the money, you can purchase all the main media outlets. When you control the media and the money supply you are king of the hill; less than 10% of the populace is strong enough to resist from falling for what they have directed to see.

When one takes an extreme position it does not matter whether you are swinging to the right or to the left, you are being controlled and it’s impossible for that person to see anything else besides the data they have been fed.

So how does this all tie-up; all those events we briefly mentioned are being used and will be used to polarise the crowd even more? What is immoral today is moral tomorrow; what changed? The only thing that changed was the perception. So if you program children young enough with the perception you want, you can make them accept almost anything as moral, and that is what the public education system is all about.  Remember nothing is free and what appears to be free usually ends up costing you 10X more down the line. One wise man I knew would often use this sentence when anyone made references to free stuff. He would say I am not rich enough to accept free things. Fiat Money; The main driver behind boom & Bust Cycles

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