Deadly border battles between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan

Deadly border battles between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan

Recent clashes between neighbouring rivals India and Pakistan have turned fatal, according to the Pakistani military, which said it has killed a number of Indian soldiers Saturday in a cross-border revenge attack in Kashmir. In response to the Indian military allegedly opening fire Friday and wounding two Pakistani civilians in the sector of Nezapir, a Pakistani army spokesman, Major General Asif Ghafoor, claimed in a tweet that the force killed up to five Indian soldiers, wounding many more and destroying bunkers. India, however, denied it had suffered any military casualties and instead accused the Pakistani army of injuring a female civilian. It said Pakistan was using 82 mm and 120 mm mortars indiscriminate small arms fire along the Line of Control, which forms the disputed de facto border between the two countries, the Economic Times reported. Full Story

This is what we stated in the last update

V readings have shot up 200 points since the last update

We can also state that the political situation in America and Europe is going to get a lot more volatile and we mean insanely more volatile. Violence will soar in Europe and America, some parts of South America, the majority of the Middle East and to a smaller degree in Asia. Overall, Asia will be moving towards a more peaceful time except for a few hotspots such as North Korea, Pakistan and parts of India.

North Korean keeps get hotter and hotter, and things are flaring up between Pakistan and India.


Farooq Abdullah issued the stark warning as he blamed both nations for escalating tensions that have led to the “destruction of people”.

He declared: “Are they the only ones who’re firing? We’re firing too.

“Both sides are doing this. This has led to the destruction of people. This is leading to a war like situation.”

Mr Abdullah explained that the only solution to the horrific conflict is a dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad.

He went on: “War is never a solution to anything. The only solution is dialogue.

“Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) part which is with Pakistan belongs to the neighbouring country and this side to India.

“If the Indian government wants peace it will have to talk to Pakistan and conclude that an autonomy be given to us as well as them.”

The PoK is also referred to as the Azad Jammu and Kashmir is the self-governing administered state of in the region. Full Story

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