Dangerous DUO; Immigrants have high Testosterone & Low IQ

Dangerous DUO; Immigrants have high Testosterone & Low IQ

Dr Phil Helmuth is a specialist on this topic, and he clearly reveals that the immigrants coming into Europe have Low IQ’s and a highest propensity for violence. On this basis alone, there is no way they can integrate with the locals, and as such it is essential that Europe has a filter in place to prevent such individual from getting in.  Democracy is useless if you allow Low IQ persons who have no hope of fitting into the system and who will only look for ways to get free handouts.  The Video below is quite illuminating in that Dr Helmuth clearly and scientifically illustrates the Dangers of allowing open access to individuals who will not fit in with the native population.  Additionally, they will not be abe to compete with the locals when it comes to landing well-paying jobs. This, in turn, will foster more hatred and so you will have never ending vicious cycle that will continue to feed off itself.  The solution cut the head of the snake. The head of the Snake is low IQ and high Testosterone.


Two researchers provided some fascinating information in this book: IQ and the Wealth of Nations written by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. (2002)

Here are some of their main findings

Asian countries, such as Japan and China, have an average IQ of 107.

Sweden and many European countries have an average IQ of around 100.

A host of African states, such as Somalia, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Angola, Rwanda has an average IQ of about 70.  They also went to say that a lot of Arab countries also suffered from Low IQ’s an example is Iraq, which has an average IQ level significantly below the Swedish. We think also Saudi would be on the top of their list as they have a massive propensity for violence and stupidity. It is one of the most repressive nations in the world.

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