Czar Putin Silences BBC Reporter’s Propaganda with Facts

Czar Putin Silences BBC Reporter's Propaganda with Facts


 Challenging the Narrative: Putin’s Defense against Western Media Attacks

Synopsis: Examining the orchestrated campaign against Putin, highlighting his defence against baseless claims and shedding light on the actual narrative.

In the relentless media onslaught, Western outlets have consistently launched scathing attacks, demonizing Putin as excessively aggressive and attributing to him the blame for igniting a new cold war, as well as the annexation of Crimea, among a barrage of other accusations. However, a closer examination reveals a different truth. The Crimean situation, for instance, witnessed a referendum conducted by international standards, where the majority expressed their desire to join Russia—consequently, the notion of invasion crumbles when faced with the referendum’s legitimacy.

Yet, it is disheartening to witness this British reporter’s replication of the same worn-out rhetoric, who appears to be another pawn in the grand propaganda scheme. Unfazed by the facts, he regurgitates the same baseless claims as if under the command of a puppeteer. However, watch in awe as Putin masterfully dismantles the reporter’s narrative, exposing the fallacies and distortions.

Through the Lens of Truth: Witness Putin’s Counterattack against the Report.

At the Crossroads of Power: Russia’s Bold Resistance against Shadowy Forces

Synopsis: Unveiling the intricate game of control, where Russia emerges as a formidable challenger to the status quo.

The world’s clandestine puppeteers harbour a singular objective: manipulating the masses to serve their interests. Their near-success in achieving this goal encounters a resolute obstacle in the form of Russia, with China providing crucial support. Fortified by its military might, Russia fearlessly confronts the United States, setting the stage for an unprecedented showdown. Unlike previous adversaries such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan, Russia presents a daunting challenge that the U.S. lacks the audacity to face head-on.

Curious Minds Wonder:

Why did sanctions target Russia? The audacity of Russia’s daring to defy the United States provoked such measures. Czar Putin boldly declared his intention to trade oil and other resources using the Ruble. Just imagine the chaotic repercussions if other nations followed suit. Regrettably, numerous countries had ventured down this path before Russia, only to meet a tragic fate. Iraq, seeking to sell oil in Euro, was invaded, and Saddam met his demise. Similarly, Libya dared to tread a similar path, leading to the unfortunate fate of Gadaffi.

However, Russia cannot be handled in the same manner. Consequently, the strategy shifted to dismantling Russia through the oil market and inflicting painful sanctions. The United States, however, underestimated the situation, failing to anticipate China’s involvement. As if stepping onto the battlefield, China pledged to offer Russia a lifeline when needed, culminating in one of history’s most significant energy agreements.

Random Views

The intricate world of mass psychology reveals the unsettling truth of pervasive manipulation and control. When we witness the willingness of influential clandestine figures to orchestrate events that result in loss of life to achieve their goals, it becomes evident how effortlessly they can fabricate lies and manipulate data to shape the narrative surrounding economic growth or stagnation. Behind every boom and bust cycle lies meticulous planning, with each phase mapped out years in advance. Armed with this profound knowledge, there are two avenues to consider.

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robert lishan

Putin is definitely someone who speaks the truth. I heard someone looked into his eyes & saw a good soul there. He’s liked by 80% of the public which is impressive if you believe in stats. But someone told me stats lie so I no longer believe in them period. I don’t see much commenting on your articles so I felt bad.
That Judith is a real keeper & deserves a raise. I’m sending her a bottle of Manischvitz for the holidays if that’s okay.

Tactical Investor

Sad but true, would be nice if our leaders could take the same stance. However, that might be asking for too much. Robert we just enabled the comment feature 2 days ago. Prior to that we did not have the feature. However, we thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated.

Re Judith; she is very talented and sometimes we wonder who the boss here really is 🙂


Hmm.. ‘puts BBC reporter to shame’ – are you absolutely sure about that? Putin’s exhortations are pure entertainment. Even he doesn’t believe the myriad conspiracy theories – his only surprise is that some of his own people actually do. Nastrovia!

Tactical Investor

In this instance (at least as far as the question in this video goes) I would have to say yes as most of his assertions are true. Compare to the comical statements are leaders made about Iraq, Libya, Syria and in many cases some of the exaggerations he makes (not in this instance) seem like child’s play compared to those of our leaders. One name that comes to mind immediately is McCain

Kelly Davis VanZile

So is this what #PutinHimself #ToldYou? #RealisticQuestion & #SortaWannaMoveToRussiaNow…… #IfImForceFedCorruption #FamilyMatters #PutinIsKindaHotRightNow #NeverHillary #NeverTrump