Clinton Empire Begins To Crumble After Trump Win

Clinton empire begins to crumble in wake of news probes

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Clinton Empire Crumbling

Much can be said about modern-day politics in the United States. For decades some have built an empire by preying on the weak, poor, and uneducated among us. The more those groups could be held down the more the political elites would be in control. Hillary Clinton is the poster child for political elites. The Clinton Foundation brings in millions of dollars from donors looking for a favour each year. Huge amounts are paid for speaking engagements. What could the Clinton’s have to say that is so valuable, and will it be true?

It is not what the Clintons have to say that is important, it is who they can say it to that is valuable. Like all the other evil empires that have come before them, the Clinton Empire is starting to crumble down around them. Scandals are daily occurrences. Lies have to be told to cover up older lies, and the vicious cycle just keeps getting bigger. Full Story


Rise and Fall of the Clinton Empire

n 1993, Vice President Al Gore took part in an unusual debate about trade: He went on Larry King’s CNN show to spar with Ross Perot—the third-party candidate President Bill Clinton had beaten in the previous year’s election—over the impending North American Free Trade Agreement. During the campaign, Perot had warned that NAFTA would create a “giant sucking sound” as high-paying manufacturing jobs drained out of the country. About a year later, Clinton was trying to push it through, and so Gore was dispatched to debate NAFTA’s most high-profile opponent.

Most observers concluded that Gore won handily. But he didn’t convincingly put away Perot’s arguments; instead, he took his opponent down with a lot of cheap rhetorical tricks—most especially, baiting Perot’s notorious temper by constantly interrupting him. Perot’s peevish “Could I finish?” was turned into a punch line by comedian Dana Carvey, and that was that. It was a tactical success for Clinton, who wanted to build a new base for his party among the executive and financier class and high-income voters. NAFTA was eventually approved by the Senate and signed into law by Clinton on December 8, 1993. Full Story

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