China’s growing wealth makes China very good long term investment

China’s growing wealth makes China very good long term investment

China is now home to the largest middle-class population in the World and at the same time, hold’s the undisputed heavyweight title for having the most billionaires in the world too.

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 China’s Middle Class has grown at twice the U.S rate and according to Credit Suisse109 million, Chinese have savings network that ranges from $50,000 to $500,000.  These numbers are stunning when you consider that the average worker in the U.S does not even have $5,000 in savings. One suddenly starts getting the eerie feeling that the U.S is one the way to becoming a 3rd world country and China could be on its way to eventually regaining 1st world status.

China presently accounts for a fifth of the World Population and 10% of the Global Wealth. If it maintains this pace, it the size of this pie will increase significantly in the years to come, and it will eventually displace U.S as the largest contributor to Global wealth.  The chart below currently illustrates how fast the Chinese Middle Class has grown

China Emerging Super power hosts most billionaires in the world

China has the World’s second most Millionaires and is creating them at a faster rate than the U.S.  Currently, China has more than one million millionaires. The number of millionaires in China are projected to surge by over 70% and could top 2.3 million by 2020.

A stunning new report from UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers established that one new billionaire was being created every week. If that is not stunning then we don’t know what is; note this is all going on during a supposedly strong recession.China added a stunning 242 billionaires in 2015, and if it maintains that pace; China now has 596 billionaires overtaking the U.S, which has 537 billionaires to take the top spot.

Game Plan 

Chinese love Gold and they like to invest/gamble.  We use the word gamble because when it comes to markets, one is essentially gambling; if you understand mass psychology and technical analysis you can significantly improve your odds of winning.   It goes without saying that as the Chinese acquire more wealth, they will set aside larger and larger amounts to purchase Gold, and, they will also delve into the stock market. Given these two factors plus a host of psychological and technical development, owning Physical gold and Chinese stocks should be considered as significant long-term strategies

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