Bizzare News From BBC & Outlets Around The Globe

Bizzare News From BBC & Outlets Around The Globe

Bizzare News From BBC

No, the BBC is not reporting the end of the world

A fictional video reporting the onset of thermonuclear war and featuring BBC News branding has been shared widely.

It is not real but alarmed viewers have contacted the BBC, apparently convinced it is true.

On YouTube, the company behind the video clearly stated it was fiction before their account was removed.

But on WhatsApp, where the video has been passed on without that clarification, some users were fooled.

What does the BBC say?

Bizzare News: New mums have so much unnecessary pressure

Mums have responded to pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge leaving hospital following the birth of her third child with their own recollections of giving birth.

The Duchess looked happy and relaxed as she emerged from St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, cradling her newborn sonand waving to the assembled crowds.

On social media, other mums were quick to compare their own post-pregnancy experiences with those of the Duchess.

A forum thread discussing the birth on popular parenting website Mumsnet attracted hundreds of comments and was among the site’s trending posts.

Many social media users admired the Duchess of Cambridge’s fresh-faced appearance hours after giving birth. Others wondered how they might have reacted to finding the world’s media gathered outside their maternity ward.

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Bizzare News: How a young man’s murder attracted conspiracy theories

The unsolved death of a Democratic Party operative became political when conspiracy theories took off on social media. Now, nearly two years later, one simple question has been left unanswered: who killed Seth Rich?

In the early hours of 10 July 2016, Seth Rich was making his way home from a night out in Washington DC.

The 27-year-old was a digital campaigner with the Democratic Party and he lived in the Bloomingdale area of the city, home to many young politicos hoping to make it big in the nation’s capital.

Seth was chatting to his girlfriend as he ambled the few miles home from his favourite bar. At 4:19 a.m. he told her he was almost at the door and had to go.

Seconds later, gunshots rang out. Seth was found lying on the ground a block from his apartment. He had two bullet holes in his back and his watch, wallet and phone were all found on him. There were signs of a struggle. Seth’s hands and face showed bruising. He died shortly thereafter.

The Washington police say that Seth’s murder was a street robbery gone wrong. The case remains unsolved.

But unlike most other murders, Seth’s death soon became a national story, as conspiracy theorists latched on in the fevered atmosphere of the 2016 presidential election. Read full article

India rape crisis: Twitter users rally round hunger striker

As India’s rape crisis continues, a hashtag has emerged expressing support for a hunger striker demanding tougher penalties for rapists.

“#BetiKhatreMeinHai” which translates to “daughter in danger” is being used to rally support and draw attention to Swati Maliwal’s protest.

Ms Maliwal is the chairperson of the Dehli Commission for Women, a government body that promotes women’s rights in the city.

She began her hunger strike on Friday 13 April. One of her demands is that anyone convicted of raping a young girl should be hanged within six months.

A week on from the start of Ms Maliwal’s protest, the hashtag has over 41,000 mentions on Twitter.

Ms Maliwal tweeted she would not end her fast until Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, accepts her demands. Read full article

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