Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ISIS Leaders real name is Simon Elliot

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ISIS Leaders real name is Simon Elliot

ISIS and all other violent groups have one thing in common, they are creations of the New World order and their agenda is to create chaos especially between the two dominant religions; Christians and Muslims. If these two religions were to make peace, imagine how much less chaos there would be in the world. War is big money and in order to maintain this state of war, the top shadowy players facilitate the creation of these radical organizations, thus ensuring that peace is nothing but a forlorn dream.   Jews are used, as a Christians and the same applies to Muslims, the top players do not care about religion. Their God is money and power, everything else holds a distant third place.


The videos below illustrate how the New World order purposely creates tensions between different religions in order to pass draconian laws and regulations, under the guise of helping the locals.  This strategy has worked remarkably well and continues to do so because the masses are asleep.  The end goal is to create a new system whereby the entire populace is controlled and monitored 24/7.  However, Russia and China are interfering with these plans and have thrown a monkey wrench into these mentally deranged individual plans.

One more video that reveals quite a bit of interesting information. For example, why are Arabs using english Acronyms, or English alphabets, when they are supposed to be hard core Jihadists. The answer, well maybe the leaders are not even Muslim at all; its food for thought.


Suggested Strategy 

Mass psychology informs us that everything is manipulated and controlled.  If the top shadowy players  are willing to manipulate events to such a degree as to kill people to achieve their objectives, then imagine how easy in comparison it is to tell lies, manipulate the data to create whatever scenario they want to support regarding economy grown or lack of it.  All boom and bust cycles are created in advance; in fact, every cycle is planned decades in advance.  How can you use this knowledge, well we have devised tools that are open to our paid subscribers that help us spot these patterns in advance of the event? The second option is to join our free newsletter and learn how to use Mass Psychology to help keep you on the right side of the markets and out of harm’s way.

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