Why bother Working: Welfare Pays Better Than Working

Why bother Working: Welfare Pays Better Than Working

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Over a year ago we stated that Russia had hit the point of no return; in other words, the US had crossed Russia’s red line. Russians, as we stated, are fascinating people; they can be pushed quite a bit and keep quiet while this is going on. One never knows what their full limit is unless one takes the time to understand their culture, but when you cross that invisible red line, the transformation is shocking. It is like that of Jekyll and Hyde.  The Russian bear is in a hunting mode, and it will not stop until it has destroyed its prey.  China is emulating this behaviour as they have seen the gains Russia has made.  Russia and now China’s Goal is to drive the US out of the Middle East, and there is a good chance that they will succeed in doing so. Wall Street Journal States that Russia Bombed US-Syrian Base

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