Unique market timing system

The Unique market timing system combines simplicity with accuracy to yield a results that are nothing short of breathtaking. This system focuses on simplicity as opposed complexity, something the average investor was seeking but could not find.  Simplicity does not mean lack of accuracy.  In fact, you will see with your own eyes that the Unique market timing system is not only very simple but dangerously accurate. 

 We used over 18 years of real time experience to continuously simplify  our existing systems until we finally ended up with what we believe to be one of the most simplest and yet most accurate system we have ever developed.  The whole process revolves around our very special tool known as the  trend indicator. In a nut shell, we open long positions when the trend is up and advise aggressive investors to short the market and conservative investors to sit on the sidelines when the trend is down. It cannot get any simpler than that.  We do not issue complicated scenarios or over so many outlooks that no matter what happens one of them will come to pass. No the end game is simple.  We buy when the trend is up and we sell when its down; end of story. For more details on the Trend Indicator, click here.  Action speaks louder than words so we have put up an extensive list of calls that we have made over the years.

 As you can see by looking at the chart Palladium needs to break past 800 on high volume otherwise it is bound to drop back to the lower support line which falls in the 700-729 ranges.    A monthly close above 800 on strong volume will propel palladium to test the 1000 ranges and will set in motion  a new bull market. Unique Market Timing System However, Palladium failed to trade past 800 on a monthly basis and is currently consolidating and building up momentum to trade to and past these very critical zone.  While Palladium is a precious metal, it is also an industrial metal and that is why it is not trading in sync with  Gold and Silver.  Industrial demand for Palladium is rising and supplies for now are unable to keep up with demand.   Thus, we have a situation that could potentially push Palladium higher, despite the fact that most other precious metals are trading well of their highs.



Top in Gold market predicted in 2011 before Market topped out and broke down. Click here for full details 

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Multi-Year Dollar Rally Predicted In September, 2011 


 Imagine knowing when a correction or pullback should be viewed as a buying or a shorting opportunity.  Having the ability to distinguish one from the other could literally mean the difference between a massive win or a devastating loss.   We are in a new paradigm where almost all the traditional tools have ceased to work.  Thus new tools are needed that are able to focus on the trend because the data is corrupted now.  It is monetary policy that is driving the markets higher, not fundamentals or technical and those who rely only on fundamentals or technical analysis are asking for trouble.

Standard technical analysis today is on par with toilet paper as is fundamental analysis.  Click here to learn why technical analysis no longer works.


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Unique market timing system


The Most Powerful Tool In Market Analysis

 Trendline chartThe trend indicator is the most powerful tool out there and what we believe to be the Ultimate Market timing tool. Click here to find out why.   Do not confuse the concept of market timing with predicting the exact top or the exact bottom; that endeavor is best left to fools with plenty of time on their hands and whose main objective is to fail no matter what the end result is.  In other words, they will do the same thing again and again, hoping for a different outcome each time. In other words, the classic definition of an insanity.  We look for market topping and market bottoming action and we never focus on trying to identity the actual top or bottom.  This has worked out splendidly for us.