Gold Top Predicted Accurately In 2011

Gold Top Predicted Accurately In 2011

Gold Top Predicted Accurately In 2011

We issued several warnings in 2011 and strongly advised our subscribers to take profits. We officially closed all our positions in Palladium and 75% of positions in Gold and Silver.  In doing so we got out right at the top and are now in a position to buy Gold at rock bottom prices.  Effectively we will be able to double our holdings.

Gold has still not issued a strong sell signal on the daily or weekly charts, but it’s getting dangerously close to doing so. In terms of our indicators, Gold is now trading in the extremely overbought ranges. We have never in our trading lives come across a market no matter how strong it appears to be that did not experience several strong corrections during its bullish run up. Gold is not going to be the exception to this rule; at the very least it is going to experience a medium to strong correction and or an extended period of consolidation. The Gold bull is not over, but there are strong signs that it’s getting ready to take a break. Potentially Gold could surge to the 2000 ranges before putting in a top. We suspect that a surge to the 1950-2000 ranges will generate a series of massive negative divergence signals and potentially a very strong sell signal in the process. Market Update Sept 3, 2011

Bottom line; now is not a good time to buy any precious metal. We suspect that Silver could trade down to the $25-$30 ranges before a bottom takes hold. At those prices Silver will make for a good buy; if by some chance it should dip to 20 or below it will become a screaming buy.  Aug 26, 2011

The strong reaction from the commodities sector in general clearly suggests that some sort of top is in place. A rebound should be expected over the next 1-2 weeks and investors should use this to close out half their positions in Gold bullion, Palladium bullion and Silver bullion.  Continue trying to get rid of your silver in the $40-45 ranges.  Market Update May 24, 2011

 In the precious metal’s sector, we are already witnessing signs of a blow-up top. Absolutely, nobody is buying silver at above 40 dollars because they are afraid of inflation. Forget it, the only reason they are jumping in is because they want to speculate. They are mad they missed the ride so far, and they are determined that they are going to get a piece of the action.

Another sign of a blow off top is a market mounting a mediocre pull back and then rallying very strongly from there. This is precisely what took place in the silver and gold markets; they experienced a very tiny pull back and then raced upwards. Market update May 4, 2011

 New comments Sept 30, 2016

What we stated came to pass, those that listened to us were able to bank gains north of 800% and then redeploy those gains into the most hated bull market of all time. We also stated at the sam time that the Dollar would take off and that the Euro would crash and that has come to pass. Until Gold can close above 1365 on a monthly basis, it has no chance in hell of breaking out to new highs.

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