Ultimate Timing Indicator

The first thing we would like to make clear to everyone is that our Goal is not to predict the exact top or bottom at any given instance. If we do happen to predict this as has been the case in the past, we will assign this feat to lady luck.  Trying to predict the exact top or bottom is an exercise in futility and best suited for fools.  What we look for is signs of topping or bottoming action.  Once we spot this, we use our proprietary tools to determine entry points that offer the best risk to reward scenarios.   Up until 2012, the ultimate timing indicator and the Smart money Indicator were the primary tools we used to determine this action. However as Of Dec 2012 we replaced all the tools with the Trend Indicator.  As of now this is the main tool we employ to determine market direction. Once we have identified that we use the secondary tools to validate the signal.

The Ultimate Timing Indicator 

We  combined 39 tools  into one to come up with this indicator.   This tools allows us to spot markets that are close to bottoming or topping.   This data is examined in multiple time frames to confirm that the signals are valid.  The time frames we focus on our the daily, weekly and monthly time frames.

We are constantly adapting our mindset and our indicators to the ever-changing face of the markets.  We believe that if one does not adapt to the situation and hand, one will die, and so we constantly strive to improve our tools and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  This is why we have come out with an even better indicator, one that we believe is our best indicator to date, the trend indicator. 

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