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Mass psychology, technical analysis and investing


These sayings by Sol Palha illustrate how mass psychology is applicable to almost everything we do. From investing in the markets to the making of mundane decisions, mass psychology plays a critical role. Understanding how this simple but highly misunderstood field works, could make the difference between becoming a great investor to losing it all. The masses are almost always on the wrong side of opportunity; it is their desire to seek comfort by bonding with other individuals that always leads to their demise. The crowd can never win; to win in the markets you have to put the first principle of mass psychology to use immediately; this principle states that you should be wary when the crowd/masses are joyous and happy when they are not.  If you view things through the lens of mass psychology, then every disaster will be seen as nothing but a great investment opportunity. You will come to understand that disaster is the code name for opportunity.  Only the field of mass psychology focuses and emphasizes this key and vital factor.  At the Tactical investor, we have incorporated the most magnificent elements of mass psychology with the most powerful components of technical analysis to yield a system that is extremely robust and adaptable to trading in all market conditions. It is for this reason, we have called it the ultimate stock market timing system. The goal is not to identify the exact top or bottom, but to spot when a market is bottoming or topping. We do not aim for the exact bottom or top, that is an endeavour best reserved for monkeys.

Saying by Sol Palha that illustrate the important role mass psychology plays in investing and trading

Don’t try to do the right thing just do things the   right way.

Repetition is the father of all sins, stupidity is the mother and not knowing when to keep ones mouth shut is the grandfather of them all.

 Life is a journey that has various stops, misery, pain, happiness, joy and love; it’s up to us to decide how long we vacation at each stop.

One men's madness is another's sanity. The difficult part is to figure out who is mad and whose is sane.

The thought behind every action is what counts the most, even though the action on its own  may amount to nothing.

A loss can be viewed as a liability or as an inspiration to recover and gain twice as much.  

 God helps only those that help themselves and the devil helps all those that fall in between

Deal with reality if not reality has a cruel and effective way of dealing with you.

Remember only fools claim to be God's and only God's make fools.

Think not, want not, and relax a lot.

The leaders represent less than 2% of the population yet take in more than 90% of the profits. Getting to this stage is not easy as it involves changing ones ingrained modes of behavior.

Progress and success is not only measured in terms of ones wealth but in ones ability to see the world every day with different set of eyes.

An Intelligent man knows when to keep his  mouth shut; a stupid man  does not. 



Saying by Sol Palha that illustrate the important role mass psychology plays in investing and trading

If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life  meaning and value.

Repetition is the father of all sins, stupidity is the mother and not knowing when to keep one's mouth shut is the grandfather of them all.

To be wise is to be open; to be open is to be knowledgeable; to be knowledgeable is to understand that you really know nothing.  

If you are stupid enough to believe in anything then I will be smart enough to sell you whatever it is you desire.

The truth may not set you free, but it certainly won’t imprison you like stupidity.  

A paralysed body is painful situation; a paralysed mind is a monumental tragedy

Hope is someone who has a dream but no way of putting it together.

Walk in the path of the light or die in the tracks of darkness

We are what we eat that’s why most of us are so full of crap 

Routine day work is the modern day arsenic for the mind

Deaf years hear nothing and play their own music. 

Stupidity knows only the sound of its own voice.

Help yourself progress because there are thousands out there, ready and willing to help you regress

The difference between a successful individual and a failure is discipline and patience

Leave your mark on this world if not it will only be glad to leave its mark on you.  

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