Random Musings-Food for Deeper Thought

Random Musings-Food for Deeper Thought
Weaponized News

Today we live in a world, where the Goal is the dissemination of weaponized news.  News that seeks to sedate the mind, forcefully alter the perception and in doing so, it helps the manipulators accurately predict a particular outcome in advance.  This brainwashing runs at an incredibly deep level. It starts off at Kindergarten and is reinforced throughout one’s entire educational life.  We will provide financial information, health and geopolitical insights utilising contrarian analysis and Mass Psychology to cut through the rubbish.

Brainwashing is the Main Agenda

The media simply serves to reinforce the garbage that passes for education nowadays. There is no resistance so the attack gathers momentum.  Everything is reduced to sound bites and then repeated over and over gain.  In other words, it’s nothing but overt, brainwashing; there is no need to be covert anymore.The masses are so dumbed down that resistance is almost futile. However, resistance is never futile, for if you understand what is going on you can do something about it, regarding protecting your health and your wealth. Our goal is to examine news events from an angle the mass media does not want you to see; to provide you with alternative stories that paint an entirely different picture that mass media outlets are falsely painting. In other words, we don’t see to hide facts or data; we just want to provide you with alternative viewpoints. If you alter the angle, the outcome changes and that is what we will be doing.


Trump Movement gathering momentum-Far right Party leading in Dutch Polls (Dec 20)

German Defense minister Insults Saudia Arabia-Refuses to wear Hijab  (Dec 20)

Muslim group outraged over meme posted on Allen West’s FB page-Nobody cares   (Dec 20)

Wilders found Guilty of speaking out against Islam WTF Happened to freedom of speech  (Dec 20)

1400 shocking years of Islam in five minutes-Radical Muslims hate this video  (Dec 18)

Where is Islam Illegal-Growing list of nations banning Islam?  (Dec 18)

Slovakia Toughens Church Registration Rules to Bar Islam (Dec 18)

Double Crossing Merkel states she will deport 100K migrants-get rid of her (Dec 18)

Saudi Author Turki Al Hamad Our Youth Are Brainwashed- Must stop ISIS Ideology at the roots (Dec 18)

High-income individuals will embrace Robot Sex states Expert (Dec 17)

Sextortion- hackers new game plan to fleece silly men using hot women as bait (Dec 17)

Two Stocks Set to Soar in 2017-Trump Administration (Dec 10)

Mainstream Media Totally Corrupt-evidence is overwhelming  (Nov 19)

The Myth Of The Jewish Genome as Biblical as Dracula (Nov 19)

Dollar Destruction-Liberal Agenda & Marxifcation of America (Nov 19)

Alternative Opinions-Information Mainstream media dares not discuss (Nov 18)

How to Build a $400 Billion F-35 That Doesn’t Fly (Nov 16)

Russia v Saudi Arabia Oil Wars-House of Saud destined to fail (Nov 16)

Syria’s civil war: Russia bombing the hell out of the radical Islamists (Nov 16)

Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow declares Holy War on radical Islam (Nov 16)

50 Trillion dollars sitting on sidelines will produce explosive Stock market Rally (Nov 15)

Desperate Soros lashes out at Trump Win-funding Riots against Trump (Nov 14)

Trump remains true to word-refuses Presidential Salary  (Nov 12)

CNN ratings drop nobody wants to watch crap not news anymore (Nov 12)

Putin Issues International Arrest Warrant for Rothschild & Soros (Nov 11)

Telegraph Journalist Monisha Rajesh Calls for Trumps Assassination & then Deletes her account  (Nov 11)

Trumps win shows Mainstream media is done-Social Media will dominate (Nov 9)

Financial singularity and what it means for Stock Markets (Nov 8)

Top US Scientist Resigns-States Global Warming A Big Scam (Nov 8)

Stock Market Pattern Gives Trump 86 Percent Chance of Winning   (Nov 7)

Two Professors with Incredible Track Record Predict A Trump Win  (Nov 7)

American Education equivalent to Rubbish (Nov 1)

Internal FBI Uproar over Hillary Clinton’s email probe (Nov 1)

Trey Gowdy States Harry Reid on Drugs regarding Hillary Email Scandal (Oct 31)

Tactical Investor Election Polls-Updated Constantly Until Election day (Oct 21)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky-Corrupt Jewish Neocon Oligarch (Oct 21)

Everything you knew about cholesterol could change because it’s one massive lie   (Oct 21)

Foreign banks Dump whopping 356 billion in US Debt  (Oct 20)

Why isn’t Wall Street Fraud prosecuted? Because Politicians are in on it (Oct 19)

Edward Griffin author of Creature from Jekyll Island illustrates that Fed is an Illegal Entity  (Oct 19)

Federal Reserve; Modern day Vampires sucking Humanity dry (Oct 18)

Climate Change Fad & Bad Science Funded by Leftists (Oct 18)

Housing déjà vu-Banks ready to drain the Masses again (Oct 15)

Wall Street & Banks looking to bring back Liar Loans  (Oct 15)

America has lost its grip on power- Russia & China now lead the way (Oct 15)

Real Polls illustrate Trump Polling at two-thirds-Hillarys support is fabricated (Oct 15)

Wikileaks Timeline of Hillarys lies-Illustrates Media lying through its teeth (Oct 15)

President Duterte tells Obama to go to hell and rightly so  (Oct 12)

Even Corrupt Saudi King declines to Meet Obama; very telling indeed  (Oct 6)

World Leaders losing respect for Obama-Even Filipino President curses Obama (Oct 6)

Barrack Gumbo Obama Thrown to the Curb by China; Putin Embraced (Oct 6)

Solar Storms heading for Earth could disrupt life as you know it (Oct 4)

Rise of China and the Fall of America  (Oct 3)

Russians seem to have a very effective Electronic warfare system; managed to easily capture US drones  (Oct 2)

Use dynamic trading systems and not mechanical stock market trading systems unless you love losing  (Oct 2)

Clinton’s rape & sexual Assault History exposed (Oct 1)

Religious Wars Are Escalating: the real reason will shock you  (Sept 30)

Random musings on Global Agenda & Financial Markets  (Sept 28)

Rich Dad Author States Investing for long term is Crazy; we disagree (Sept 28)

Fake ISIS Beheadings-True or false you be the Judge  (Sept 28)

Hillary Plugs her book in First Debate-WTF (Sept 27)

Obama overtly supporting New World Order Agenda; His UN Speech serves as proof  (Sept 27)

Misinformation wars intensify; you are being told what to see (Sept 27)

Why is Obama purposely allowing radical Muslims into the Country? granted 858 illegal’s citizenship (Sept 27)

Outlook for Democrats looks bleak Even if Clinton Wins (Sept 26)

Negative Interest Rates favour Speculators & Punish Savers (Sept 25)

Obama Admits to Training ISIL; WTF? (May 17)

Fed is not a Federal Entity but an illegal Cartel whose mission is to rob the populace (April 10)

Experts more like Jackasses claim that Gold will hit 50K an ounce; in dreams maybe (April 8)

The devalue or die era is gathering momentum