Ultimate Timing Indicator

Ultimate Timing Indicator

Ultimate Timing Indicator

Ultimate Timing Indicator: Big on Action, Small on Noise

The first thing we want to clarify to everyone is that our Goal is not to predict the exact top or bottom at any given instance. If we do happen to predict this, as has been the case in the past, we will assign this feat to lady luck.  Trying to predict the exact top or bottom is an exercise in futility and best suited for fools.  What we look for is signs of topping or bottoming action.  Once we spot this, we use our proprietary tools to determine entry points that offer the best risk-to-reward scenarios.

Until 2012, the ultimate timing indicator and the Smart money Indicator were the primary tools we used to determine this action. However, in Dec 2012, we replaced all the instruments with the Trend Indicator.  We employ this primary instrument to assess market direction once we have identified that we use the secondary tools to validate the signal.

The Ultimate Timing Indicator 

We combined 39 tools into one to come up with this indicator.   This tool allows us to spot markets close to bottoming or topping.   This data is examined in multiple time frames to confirm the valid signals.  The time frames we focus on are daily, weekly and monthly.

We constantly adapt our mindset and indicators to the markets’ ever-changing faces.  We believe that if one does not adjust to the situation and hand, one will die, so we continually strive to improve our tools and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  This is why we have come out with an even better indicator, one that we believe is our best indicator to date, the trend indicator. 

Some random factors to consider

This market has yet to experience the “feeding frenzy stage; as the masses have taken so long to embrace this market, this stage will be spectacular. Expect the markets to take off vertically once the groups jump in; it seems complicated to believe that the Dow could take off like a rocket after such a massive correction, but that will happen if this hysteria subsides.

Mass psychology and coronavirus

We have seen the same paranoia before; look at the above chart. We have had such deadly outbreaks before, but in the end, once the panic subsides, the markets resume their upward trend.

As the Tactical Investor says;  “every disaster leads to a hidden opportunity”, and the only way to spot that opportunity is not to give in to panic.  We envision a similar outcome for the coronavirus, the markets could still sell-off, but that sell-off should be viewed through a bullish lens.

From a psychological perspective, the longer the masses resist, the better it is, which means this bull will continue to trend higher.  Use strong pullbacks to open positions in quality stocks. Forget the noise and focus on the trend.

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