UK economy resilient at end of 2016-manufacturing jumps

UK economy resilient at end of 2016-manufacturing jumps

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We are always asked the following question? Why do you cover so many topics if you are a financial site? The simple answer is that everything is interconnected. If you focus on finances only then you are looking at the tree and missing the forest and vice versa. Mass Psychology also known as Crowd Psychology dictates that one should focus on the whole picture as opposed to fixating on one part.  Before we get to the story at hand, the following story might tickle your fancy

All across Europe, we expect the Alt-right movement to gain traction and unfortunately, some good people will get caught in the flack.  We have been stating this for a long time and the excerpt from one of our Market Updates (paid subscription) illustrates this point.  This trend is gaining momentum at a dangerous pace. The Alt right movement as the Media refers to them are gaining so much momentum that it has scared even Granny Merkel into action. In an unprecedented move, she has started to take an anti-immigration stance, stating that up to 100,000 immigrants could now face deportation. Alt Right movement gaining momentum across Europe & America


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