The Banksters Club: Weapons of Mass Destruction Agenda

The Banksters Club; Rob, steal and do anything to get rich

The Banksters Club: Organized Crime Masterminds

Updated June 2023

“If the authority to issue paper money has been bestowed upon Congress, it was intended for their own direct utilization, not to be entrusted to the hands of individuals or corporations.”~ President Andrew Jackson.

The weapon of choice is money, and central bankers utilize this weapon mercilessly to rain misery and death on the unknowing masses. Since Fiat was created, bankers have fed off the misery they have wrecked on humanity. George Washington, one of the wisest of all presidents, understood this very well, and it’s revealed clearly in this quote.

“If, in our endeavour to achieve our goals, we should, regrettably, encounter unfunded paper money or any similar form of deceit, we shall undoubtedly strike a fatal blow to the budding credit of our nation. Paper money, much like spirit liquors upon the human body, shall inevitably prey upon the very essence of politics, eroding its vital foundations and leading to its ultimate destruction. This insidious paper currency has already inflicted upon your state the enduring consequences it shall forever bear: the ruination of commerce, the oppression of the honest, and the unhindered ingress of every manner of fraud and injustice.” — George Washington in a letter to Jabez Bowen, Rhode Island, Jan. 9, 1787

Another wise president was Thomas Jefferson, who was so against bankers that he thought they were worse than a thousand standing armies, and he was correct.

“Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be removed from the banks and restored to the people to whom it belongs properly.” — Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President

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The Banksters Club: Unveiling the Pinnacle of Organized Crime

Central bankers have caused more deaths and pain than the most tyrannical rulers could ever dream of achieving. This has all been done in a cold and calculating manner. The only incentive is dollars; hence, lives are traded and sold based on the dollar amount they stand to make. If it’s profitable for them to let you live, then you live. If not, they take you out. Money trumps everything; life is just another number on paper.

To cause a boom, they flood the markets with money, and to generate a bust, they tighten the spigots.  This is what caused the bubble and its subsequent bust.  The same applies to the housing bubble and the best, and the same thing is occurring now. The result is always the same; they change the music or the dance, but everything else is the same. In this instance, they have kept rates low for an unusually extended period, and now, they have decided to do the unthinkable, embrace negative rates.

The first stage of the bubble was created by allowing corporations to borrow large sums of money and use this to repurchase immense shares, thereby artificially boosting the EPS and making it look like all is well. When nothing is improving, and only the number of outstanding shares is dropping, it gives a false impression that profits are increasing when they are not. Yields would have declined if the share buyback programs did not exist.

The Banksters Club: Unveiling the Manipulation of Interest Rates

The Corporate world will embrace Negative rates with enthusiasm as it will be akin to a crack addict being given a new dose of super crack. The consequences of these actions will be dire for the masses; history does not change, only the outfits change, but the con is always the same and the ones left holding the empty bag are the sheep (otherwise known as the masses).

The Fed is trying to put on a brave act, but you can already see them backtracking from the firm stance they took last year. They state that all is not well, and the economic outlook is weaker than expected. They will have no option but to join the rat pack; in this instance, resistance is futile.

The Fed raised rates to give the masses the feeling that the markets are free when they are not. The markets are entirely controlled and manipulated; every boom and bust cycle was planned for the event.  The chart below illustrates that the economy is far from healthy it appears to be almost in a coma and is being forcefully kept a life through massive injections of hot money. Take away the hot money, and this illusory economic recovery crumbles.

Unveiling the Fed’s Manipulative Tactics: From Financial Peaks to Precarious Bubbles

The chart topped out in 2000, and after that, It was nothing but a downhill ride; we did get a momentary dose of relief from 200-2009, but the chart put in a bearish lower high, and from there, things took a turn for the worse.

While the money supply has increased, these funds are not making their way to the masses; this is a nefarious trick the Fed employed to coral the effects of inflation, and it’s working so far.  To create a monstrous bubble, the Fed needs to put this money into the hands of the masses.  They seem to be testing this with the auto market, as we have a subprime bubble waiting to pop there.

The next forage will be to find a way to put this money into the hands of the masses for various general expenditures, like opening a new business or, better yet, creating the next housing bubble. The demand for housing is rising, but most people cannot qualify for a mortgage. Imagine what would happen if they suddenly made it easier to get a loan. The slogan would be “Buy now and cut your rent”; for a time, this slogan would be accurate as it’s far costlier to rent than owning a home today in most parts of America.

Bill Gates agrees that Fed is creating a bubble; He is an insider, which is an exciting revelation.

Random Views on The Dangers Of AI: June 2023 Update

As the world descends into chaos, there is a pervasive rush to dedicate significant resources to AI, driven by the misguided belief that it will be mankind’s saviour. However, for most people, AI poses a threat that could lead to their downfall. Discussing all the observed trends may be met with disbelief, so we will gradually unveil them in manageable portions. Nonetheless, amidst the imminent dangers, there is a glimmer of hope: AI will not perceive everyone as a menace.

 The Art of Mass Deception in the Present Era

In today’s age, how do we effectively deceive the masses? Firstly, instil them with paralyzing fear, achieved through the impact of COVID. Then, offer them a reason to rejoice, exemplified by the subsequent post-crash rally. Next, induce a state of perpetual anxiety, as evidenced by the prolonged correction of 2022. Finally, present them with a double-edged reward: the emergence of AI models like ChatGPT, laying the groundwork for substantial monetary gains. This frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the deception.

The Calculated Plan: Stripping Freedom and Targeting Wealth

Behind the scenes, a calculated plan unfolds, involving implementing programs and passing laws designed to deprive the masses of their freedom systematically. Simultaneously, their hard-earned wealth becomes a target by creating an unprecedented bubble, surpassing all previous instances. More comprehensive details about this concerning bubble will be shared in forthcoming updates.

 Preoccupation with Trivial Concerns and the Veiled Actions

The central premise revolves around keeping the masses occupied with insignificant matters or enticing them to envision a future brimming with abundant wealth. Meanwhile, under the guise of daylight, actions that would typically provoke rebellion are taken if not for the aforementioned factors. For instance, during the Covid crisis, the masses scarcely protested against the colossal and wasteful QE program, where an astonishing five trillion dollars was squandered on frivolous pursuits.

Originally published on August 26, 2020, and continuously updated, with the latest update in June 2023.


Q: What did President Andrew Jackson say about Congress and paper money?

A: President Andrew Jackson stated that if Congress had the right to issue paper money, it was intended for their use and not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.

Q: What did George Washington warn about the effects of paper money?

A: George Washington warned that unfunded paper money or any similar fraudulent form of currency would harm national credit. He compared paper money to spirit liquors, preying on the vitals of politics and ultimately leading to the ruin of commerce, oppression of the honest, and an opening for fraud and injustice.

Q: How did Thomas Jefferson view banking institutions?

A: Thomas Jefferson believed that banking institutions were more dangerous to liberties than standing armies. He advocated for removing the issuing power of money from banks and returning it to the people it rightfully belongs to.

Q: What is the significance of the title “The Banksters Club: Unveiling the Pinnacle of Organized Crime“?

A: The title highlights that the banking system is akin to organized crime, operating at its peak level. It sheds light on the manipulation and control of central bankers, causing significant harm to the masses.

Q: How do central bankers manipulate interest rates?

A: Central bankers manipulate interest rates by flooding or tightening the money supply. They use these actions to create booms or busts in the economy. The recent trend of embracing negative rates is a notable development with dire consequences for the general population.

Q: How do corporations benefit from negative interest rates?

A: Negative interest rates allow corporations to borrow money at exceptionally low or even negative rates. This situation can be likened to a drug addict receiving a potent new dose of drugs. While beneficial for corporations, it often leads to adverse outcomes for the masses.

Q: What tactics does the Fed employ to control the economy?

A: The Federal Reserve (the Fed) employs manipulative tactics to control and influence the economy. They raise or lower interest rates to create the illusion of a free market, but in reality, the markets are entirely controlled and manipulated. The Fed plans and orchestrates boom and bust cycles, injecting massive amounts of money to sustain the illusion of economic recovery.

Q: How has the money supply affected the masses?

A: Despite an increase in the money supply, these funds have not reached the masses effectively. This is a deliberate tactic used by the Fed to manage the effects of inflation. However, to create a significant bubble, the Fed aims to channel this money into the hands of the general population, which has resulted in subprime bubbles and the potential for future housing bubbles.

Q: What concerns did Bill Gates raise regarding the Fed?

A: Bill Gates, an influential figure in the financial world, agreed that the Fed is creating a bubble. As an insider, Gates’s opinion adds weight to the revelation that the Fed’s actions have significant consequences for the economy.

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Heidi Hehn

Central Banks coupled with the upcoming singularity is as frightening as it is envisaged by Hawkings and Gates and Musk – those who own the means of production and control the monetary system will have the human race in a stranglehold.

Tactical Investor

Sadly, that is coming to pass. One of the latest studies indicates that over 62% of Americans don’t even have $1,000 in savings. That is truly shocking for a 1st world country

Tactical Investor

It truly is and those unaware of these dangers will eventually be forced to speculate in the markets. The very crowd that cannot afford to lose money, the old and retired will have no option but to speculate. When negative rates hit the US, the situation will only worsen. Currently, it is estimated that over 62% of individuals do not have 1,000 in savings. If this true, it’s truly frightening.

Samuel Saint

Central Banker have been robbing us since we got off the Gold Standard. But now they have just become incredibly brazen and are robbing us left right and centre, They will not stop until there is a revolution. I have no hopes of such a revolution coming to pass anytime soon

Berris Easie

The bankers caused all wars including the industrial complex lending money to fight war and collect huge interest while the industrial complex sells arms to both sides of the war increasingly benefited