Shenzhen Airlines introduces robots to improve customer service

Shenzhen Airlines introduces robots to improve customer service

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Shenzhen Airlines introduces robots

China’s Shenzhen Airlines has introduced 16 robots to serve in passenger lounges beginning Dec. 5. The robots, named “Zunpeng Xiaobao,” are able to directly interact with passengers.

“Do you have a place to store luggage?” a woman surnamed Liu asked one of the robots in Shenzhen.

“We have fingerprint identification luggage storage cabinets, come with me,” the device responded.

The robots can reportedly talk, dance, tell stories and play music. According to an employee with Shenzhen Airlines, the robot can provide consultations, guidance and entertainment. Shenzhen Airlines hopes to improve the passenger experience with this diversified, intelligent and personalized service. Full Story

The first security robot joined staff at Shenzh airport on Wednesday.

“AnBot”, or “Shenzhen Xiaoan” in Chinese, can work around-the-clock and react to emergencies with an electric riot fork. The intelligent guard is 1.5 meters tall and weighs about 75 kg.

With four digital cameras, the security robot is capable of autonomous patrols, intelligent monitoring and auto recharging.

It can answer passengers’ questions about flight information and communicate with people in different contexts, said an official with the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

In case of emergencies, AnBot can deter suspects with sound and light, and use tools like the electric riot fork to prevent crime.

The use of intelligent security robots will ease pressure on airport police in their daily patrols and save human resources, said the official.

More security robots will be deployed in different areas of the airport.

AnBot was developed by Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, the National University of Defense Technology and a domestic technology company.

Besides a booming industrial robot sector in China, robots have been increasingly used in the service sectors such as senior care and domestic cleaning. Full Story

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