Police bust Tel Aviv prostitution ring

Police bust Tel Aviv prostitution ring

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Tel Aviv prostitution ring

Eleven people were arrested in raids Monday morning for running a prostitution ring in south Tel Aviv, police said.

According to police, the suspects operated a number of brothels in the area around the city’s old central bus station.

Among those arrested was the alleged head of the crime ring, whom Hebrew media reports call Tel Aviv’s prostitution king.”

“These criminals make their fortunes by committing grave criminal offences, and to make matters worse they do this through the cynical exploitation of weak populations,” police said. Full story

Seven pimps believed to have forcefully orchestrated a prostitution ring in Tel Aviv using women from Eastern Europe were arrested following an extended undercover investigation, police said Monday.

While details of the case remain under a gag order, the arrests and searches were carried out recently by a central unit of the Israel Police, in cooperation with the Immigration Authority, on suspicion of bringing women from abroad to Israel for prostitution and pimping.

The seven unidentified suspects were arraigned Monday afternoon at Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, where a judge is expected to extend their remand amid the ongoing investigation.

However, little political support exists for further expanding the legal parameters concerning the “oldest profession in the world,” and women’s rights organizations have come out against the plan. Full story

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