One Statistic illustrates US Economic Recovery is Not Real

US Economic recovery Narrative is false

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, and on other occasions, it might need 10K to explain what is going on. In this case, the chart speaks for itself. If this economic recovery were real, then real unemployment rates would be dropping, and that is not the case here.

One Statistic illustrates US Economic Recovery is Not Real


The percentage of the US population that’s working relative to the entire working-age population indicates all is not well.  It is well below the 15-year average.  Labour participation was 67.3% in 2000; in w2016 it dropped to  63%.   This clearly illustrates that fewer people are working, but yet the government somehow claims that unemployment levels are dropping and all is well.   This data conveniently omits the number of people that have given up looking for a job.   The unemployment rate data published by the BLS paints a false picture.

Don’t fall for the Gold is great Argument that experts try to sell you

Gold is good as a hedge but there are far better investments than Gold. You need to get into something that inflates faster than the rate of inflation and there are many assets that perform far better than Gold. One example is the Tech Sector

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