Mueller’s criminal past reveals he is unfit to lead the investigation

Mueller’s criminal past

Should Mueller really be leading the investigation?

After watching these videos,  one will be hard-pressed to wonder why Congress elected Mueller as the special prosecutor when it looks like he is the one that needs to be investigated over his past undertakings.

“Comey created an opportunity by leaking and possibly committing a crime by colluding with others in the Department of Justice, and Mueller was his good friend,” Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) told Fox Business on Tuesday. “I had no idea how dirty this mess was involving Comey and Mueller over the years.” Full Story 

Comey became John Ashcroft’s deputy attorney general in 2003, while Mueller was director of the FBI.

Gohmert told Fox that Comey’s manipulation led to a special counsel being appointed when “we don’t need one.

“We know now for sure there is no collusion between this administration and Russia,” he said. “Let’s at least stop that facade, stop that distraction.”

“Get rid of Mueller!” he added. “He is dirty. He created all kinds of problems.”

Mueller’s criminal past Makes Manafort Appear Innocent 

Newt Gingrich on Mueller’s criminal past

Mueller’s criminal past; Should he really lead this investigation?

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