Downed Su-24 shows U.S treachery & Sweden experiences anti immigration surge

Downed Su-24 shows U.S treachery & Sweden experiences anti immigration surge

Putin, Parliament Deputy Point to American Treachery in Shot-Down Bomber

After a Russian SU-24 bomber was shot down from the rear in the disputed airspace between Turkey and Syria by two fighter jets of a NATO-member country last week—an act that was dubbed “a stab in the back” by Vladimir Putin—both Russian politicians and the public wasted no time putting the blame on all-too-familiar villain: the United States.

“This was a military provocation, a violation of international law. And we have to understand unequivocally that the order came not from Ankara, but rather from Washington. We cannot exclude the fact that at the controls of the F-16 there was an American pilot. They have military bases there [in Turkey], military cooperation established. This option cannot be excluded,” said Russian Parliament deputy Vyacheslav Tetekin. He considers the shooting down of Russian warplane to be a pre-planned action, an elaborate military operation. Full Story

All the evidence suggests that the CIA was involved in this incident.  The event was too well documented for it to have been random event.  The footage is extremely detailed and then we have the Turkmen filming the pilot parachuting and then chanting songs to ALLAH and only then they start to fire on the unarmed pilot.  It appears to have been orchestrated to create a strong emotional reaction from Russia and in that aspect it succeeded only too well. Maybe far stronger than the provocateurs expected and Putin appears to be showing no signs of relenting.  Our religious provocation index indicates that the situation is going to get a lot worse in the months and years to come especially in Europe. In the middle East Russia will replace the US as the head honcho and Iran will become the new power in the middle-East with the backing of Russia.

Support for Swedish anti-immigration party surges

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has surged to nearly 20 percent over the past six months, a poll showed on Tuesday, as the country turns to tents and ski resorts to house record numbers of asylum seekers.

Just over a year ago the former center-right prime minister exhorted Swedes to “open your hearts” to asylum seekers. The center-left government that was then elected has partially closed the borders, ending decades of consensus over generous asylum policies and breaking ranks with much of Europe. The Sweden Democrats, which held a jubilant Congress at the weekend, doubled their support in the 2014 national vote and hold the balance of power in parliament as the third largest party – although cooperation between the other parties has so far kept them out in the cold. The next election is due in 2018.

“Friends of Sweden, we’re winning”, party leader Jimmie Akesson told party members. The twice-yearly poll by the Statistics Office showed the party would get 19.9 percent of the vote if an election were held now, up from 14.4 in the previous poll in May. The government of Social Democrats and Greens has adopted many of the policies of the Sweden Democrats. Full Story

The Far right continues to gain traction. Right now this seems out of place, but shortly, this will be a common occurrence all across Europe.  The far right is set to score massive wins, and they will implement some incredibly harsh new laws.

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