Social Manipulation & The Media’s Hidden Agenda

Social Manipulation & The Media's Hidden Agenda

Social Manipulation in Action

A simple illustration of how the mass media purposely distorts reality and goes out of its way to cry wolf when it should be keeping it’s stupid mouth shut.  Mass Media has one function to manipulate the masses. Learn to read between the lines or forever be controlled by these parasites.

Random Quote Illustrating Social Manipulation 

In speeches, Mr Xi has openly called on other nations to push back against the United States on specific issues. In July, for example, he told Brazil’s National Congress that developing nations must “challenge U.S. hegemony on the Internet.

” Two months earlier, Mr Xi suggested at a conference in Shanghai that the United States should cede power in Asia, saying, “It is for the people of Asia to run the affairs of Asia. The surge in anti-Americanism extends beyond speeches. Over the summer, for example, the Chinese government began a security review of foreign NGOs operating in China, as well as Chinese NGOs that receive foreign support, scrutinising their finances and freezing bank accounts. A strident,100-minute anti-American propaganda film made by the People’s Liberation Army last year laid out the case that American NGOs were out to undermine the party. (It used the martial theme music from the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”)

In Guangdong, empower the southern province adjacent to Hong Kong that has long been more open to foreign influence and investment, officials have considered shutting down Chinese NGOs that depend primarily on foreign funds, the state-run newspaper Global Times reported last week. Full story

The majority of NGO’s sole function is to promote propaganda that destabilizes the hosting nation.  Therefore eliminating most of them is a step in the right direction. They do empower the people, but choose mindless young brats to brainwash with nonsensical propaganda and then use this mindless bots to create problems in the country.   The main theme of this story is that China is following Russia’s lead and starting to assert itself more. This movement is gathering steam and a new equilibrium point will be reached; after that nations will do everything in their power to break every single rule the US tries to push out.  These aggressive measures the USA has forced on its citizens and the rest of the world will be repealed and then new rules that will seek to undermine US authority will be implemented.

Random quote 3 Illustrating Social Manipulation 

“The Federal Reserve is not independent.” It is in bed with Washington, especially since 2008.  Comment made by Greenspan.

They were in bed from its very inception, but now they are joined at the hip.  China and Russia plus a host of other nations are already laying the network to destroy the Dollar and in the process the Federal Reserve.  History is being made as we speak.

Illustration of Social Manipulation in Action: media tries to discredit Russia.

Moscow (AFP) – A foul odour enveloped the Russian capital throughout the day on Monday, with concerned Muscovites flooding authorities with complaints and officials scrambling to locate the source of the stench.  Predictably, wits in Moscow had a field day, with many joking that the gates of Hell opened up in the city of some 12 million.

Residents of Moscow began complaining early Monday of the “unpleasant smell of sulphur, hydrogen sulphide and oil products in the air,” MosEcoMonitoring, an environment watchdog in Moscow, said in a statement.

Neo-con and Zionist media

This picture was used in the above story to justify what’s going on; it appeared yesterday on yahoo news. First of all, it shows how arrogant the press has become and how stupid they really think Americans are. Sadly too many Americans fall under the stupid and retarded category.

Common sense would tell you that this picture is wrong

For no Russian would be walking in winter with summer clothes. However, the biggest problem is that this Picture is roughly 4 years old. It is from the 2010 fires in Moscow.  Talk about being arrogant or stupid but using the same picture that was used in 2010 to report a completely separate issue clearly illustrates that the author and publisher of this article are both slaves.  They do as they are told regardless of whether it is right or wrong or true or false.

With this single story, you can see how the media uses social manipulation to change the angle of observation.  It also shows you just how the concept freedom of the press is totally missing in the USA.  Based on the comments from other yahoo readers at the end of this story, it shows that there are some smart minds out there that could smell the stink a mile away.

Here is a link to prove that the above picture was taken from 2010, not surprisingly the picture has been scrubbed of most US-controlled media outlets that posted them in 2010.

Scroll to the 4th picture in the link below, the article is in Romanian but all you need to do is see the picture. It is the 4th picture.

A Mad Referendum in Switzerland Could Permanently Warp the World’s, Gold Market

A bizarre proposal from a Swiss political party would have the country’s central bank holding one-fifth of its $547 billion of one-fifth gold, a move that could vastly increase risk during a financial crisis as gold prices are extremely volatile. Case in point: Gold is currently tumbling. It just broke below $1,200 for only the second time this year.

But the Swiss Peoples’ Party, whom you may remember from their previous — and successful — referendum proposals for stricter immigration policy and the banning of new minarets thinks this a good idea anyway. The party has organized a referendum that would force the country’s central bank to buy thousands of tons of gold. A Swiss-wide vote is set to take place in exactly a month’s time.

The Wall Street Journal lays out the details of the proposal:

The Swiss National Bank would have to hold a fifth of its $547 billion of assets in gold

The proportion it currently holds is less than 8%

The Swiss National Bank wouldn’t be able to sell gold

All of the SNB’s gold would have to stay in Switzerland

The referendum could very well pass based on recent polling, according to Reuters. In a warning, UBS economist Beat Siegenthaler told the news agency that the result could be “quite dramatic for the gold price, and maybe for markets beyond gold.” It’s a popular trope that gold investors (sometimes known as “gold bugs”) retreat to the precious metal out of fear of coming inflation, often an instinct brought on by interest rate cuts and quantitative easing. Full story

What is wrong with keeping your Gold and trying to back your currency with Gold? The only ones that would be upset would be the greedy bankers who would not be able to create money out of thin air.  Laws such as this and the creation of the Shanghai gold exchange where all contracts are settled in Gold and not the worthless paper will soon undermine the corrupt and controlled markets in the US and London.  Gold will suddenly explode upwards and it will move in leaps and bounds.  The lower Gold and Silver drop the more you should buy.

China signs currency swap deal with Qatar in the heart of the petrodollar system

The petrodollar system is the heart and soul of America’s domination over the global reserve currency, and their right to make all nations have to purchase U.S. dollars to be able to buy oil in the open market. Bound through an agreement with Saudi Arabia and OPEC in 1973, this de facto standard has lasted for over 41 years and has been the driving force behind America’s economic, political, and military power.

But on Nov. 3 a new chink in the petrodollar system was forged as China signed an agreement with Qatar to begin direct currency swaps between the two nations using the Yuan, and establishing the foundation for new direct trade with the OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system. While this new agreement between China and Qatar is only for the equivalent of $5.7 billion over the next three years, Qatar becomes the 24th nation to open its Forex market to the Chinese currency, and solidifies acceptance of the Yuan as a viable option for the future in the Middle East.  Full Story

We stated not too long ago that the rate at which new deals are signed to undermine the dollar will spike upwards significantly.  This is now taking place. While everyone is making a big deal that the dollar is getting stronger and all is well. A coffin is being prepared with a heavy iron lid for the greenback; the fall will be painful and devastating to the uninformed.  History is being made.  Soon they will start to sing Kumbaya and when they do, it will mark the top for the dollar.

Chinese, Canadian central banks agree to 200 bln yuan currency swap

BEIJING (Reuters) – The central banks of China and Canada have agreed to a currency swap worth 200 billion yuan ($32.67 billion) or C$30 billion, according to a Canadian government statement issued at a meeting of Asia Pacific nations on Saturday. The swap will be effective for three years, according to a separate statement from China’s central bank. The agreement was announced after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, will also create a clearing hub for the yuan – or renminbi, as the currency is also called – in Toronto, the first such hub in the Americas. The central bank said on Sunday that it would appoint the Canadian branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC) <601398.SS> <1398.HK>, China’s largest commercial bank, as the hub’s clearing bank.

The currency swap will help set up the clearing bank and allow the two banks to swap currencies if needed to ease trade and investment. The yuan clearing bank would allow Canadian financial institutions to use the clearing bank to process payments for their customers in yuan. The move is in line with Beijing’s ambition to promote its currency to more international investors and eventually turn the “redback” into a global reserve currency, while at the same time expanding China’s already considerable political and economic clout. Full story

Another currency swap deal that bypasses the dollar and this is taking place right at America’s doorstep. Even the Canadians have wised up and understood that the playing field is changing.   The speed will pick up even more in 2015.

Sanctions by the U.S. and EU creates record currency trade between Russia and China

As the Western-led economic sanctions by the U.S. and Europe create ever-increasing hardship on the Rouble and Russian economy, the Eurasian power continues to look Eastward as currency swaps with China are at new record levels in the month of October. In a report on Nov. 6 by the Moscow Stock Exchange, the direct exchange of currencies between the primary BRICS nations are up 80% month-on-month and show the extent of the increasing reliance between emerging market countries as Western-led governments use economic warfare to pressure Russia into capitulating on issues such as Ukraine and Syria.

Earlier this year, several key agreements were made between the Eastern economic powers to begin the slow process of divesting their financial reliance away from the dollar and U.S. controlled systems. In September, Russia began a new initiative where they would sell oil on the open market in currencies other than the dollar, and support the global exchange of both the Rouble and the Yuan. And just last week, China opened for business the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) with the purpose of creating an alternative to the World Bank and IMF, and help borrowing nations function outside the dollar and U.S. hegemony. Full Story

Once the Yuan replaces the dollar the speed at which it crumbles will be truly stunning and currencies like the Rouble will mount stunning rallies.   Those who do not mind taking on some risk should consider putting some money in Roubles. Another option is to open long-term positions in top Russian companies. A simpler option but returns will also be limited to some degree is via the ETF RSX.   For the adventurous type, purchasing real estate in Russia would be the best bet; gains will definitely be huge as you will win on two fronts, one from a stronger Rouble and one from rising real estate prices.

 Former London Mayor: Destruction comes to anyone who threatens U.S. oil interests

On Oct. 1, the former Mayor of the city of London, Ken Livingston spoke in an interview with Russia Today to discuss current economic and geopolitical events taking place between Europe, the U.S., and countries around the world. During his time with the Eurasian media outlet, Livingston emphasized the direct pressure that America places on both its enemies and allies and stated unequivocally that anyone who poses a threat to U.S. interests, especially when tied to their oil and petrodollar hegemony, will be destabilized or even outright destroyed.

Mayor Livingston’s comments were backed by a long history of evidence that includes regime changes, propping up despot leaders in nations around the world, and the use of NATO and the British military to do much of the fighting to protect American interests, whether it be against the former Soviet Union or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. In fact, Livingston believes that much of the current turmoil taking place in regards to terrorism and conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine are tied squarely on the shoulders of Washington who is the instigator of this chaos. Full story

Not anymore, as we stated the real top players who lurk in the shadows that you never see or hear of are tired. They have already officially abandoned the USA and are now putting systems in place to make sure the middleman, who falsely assume they are the top players are slaughtered.

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Social Manipulation and Perception control 


Stephen Ranger

This looks like a very scary scenario. If you look at what is going on around the world, the outcome is highly likely.

Tactical Investor

Th Goal ultimately is to control the masses completely; at present they control roughly 80% of the crowd so they are almost there. Once they control 90% it will be game over; actually it’s almost game over now, but at 90% they will be able to sell any lie and the masses will buy it hook line and sinker