Unveiling Social Manipulation: The Media’s Covert Agenda

Social Manipulation & The disguised agenda

Social Manipulation Unveiled

Updated Aug 2023


Social manipulation, mainly through mass media, can profoundly impact the finance industry, often triggering panic or joy by overemphasizing certain events. This manipulation can be seen in various instances throughout history.

For example, consider the 2008 financial crisis. The media played a significant role in amplifying the fear and uncertainty surrounding the collapse of major financial institutions. This led to widespread panic, causing a massive sell-off in the stock market and exacerbating the crisis. The media’s overemphasis on the negative aspects, while neglecting to provide a balanced perspective, contributed to the panic.

Similarly, the media can create a sense of euphoria or joy, leading to financial bubbles. The dot-com bubble of the late 1990s is a prime example. Media outlets excited the potential of internet companies, leading to irrational exuberance among investors. This overblown optimism led to inflated stock prices that eventually crashed, causing significant financial loss.

In recent years, the media’s role in the cryptocurrency market has also been under scrutiny. The media hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to volatile price swings, with investors often driven by headlines rather than fundamental analysis.

These examples demonstrate how social manipulation, mainly through mass media, can significantly influence the finance industry. Investors must maintain a critical perspective and not be swayed by sensationalized media narratives.

Now, we will utilize a historical context to illustrate how the media employs social manipulation to guide your perception towards what it desires you to see, rather than enabling you to independently form your own conclusions.

Unveiling Covert Social Manipulation: President Xi’s Strategic Moves

President Xi has been actively urging other nations to resist the United States on various fronts, demonstrating a subtle form of social manipulation. During a compelling speech at Brazil’s National Congress, he emphasized the imperative for developing countries to challenge US dominance on the Internet, subtly influencing their stance. Furthermore, at a pivotal conference in Shanghai, Xi proposed a paradigm shift, suggesting that the United States should cede power in Asia, subtly encouraging Asian nations to take charge of their own affairs. This anti-American sentiment extends beyond mere rhetoric; the Chinese government has initiated a security review of foreign and domestic NGOs, clandestinely scrutinizing their finances and freezing bank accounts. Additionally, there are behind-the-scenes discussions in Guangdong, a province renowned for its openness to foreign influence, regarding the potential closure of Chinese NGOs dependent on foreign funding. Explore the full story to unveil the intricate web of social manipulation. Full story

Most NGOs primarily serve as conduits for disseminating propaganda aimed at destabilizing their host nations. Therefore, the initiative to eliminate a substantial portion of them represents a step in the right direction. While these organizations ostensibly empower the populace, they often target impressionable young individuals, subjecting them to nonsensical propaganda and subsequently employing these unwitting pawns to foment unrest within the country.

The overarching theme of this narrative revolves around China’s emulation of Russia’s assertive approach on the global stage. This burgeoning movement is gaining momentum, setting the stage for a new equilibrium. Following this shift, nations will mobilize to challenge every rule the United States attempts to impose. The aggressive measures forced upon American citizens and the global community will face repeal, making way for new regulations to undermine U.S. authority.

3rd Random quote Illustrating Social Manipulation 

In recent news, a strange odour has permeated the streets of Moscow, raising concerns among the city’s residents and leading to a surge of complaints to authorities. Officials have been working diligently to identify the source of this smell, while witty individuals in Moscow have taken the opportunity to make humorous comments, joking that the gates of Hell may have opened in the city of millions. This incident illustrates how the media can engage in social manipulation by trying to undermine Russia.

Illustration of Social Manipulation in Action: Media Tries to Discredit Russia.

In Moscow, an inexplicable foul odour permeated the city throughout the day on Monday, leading to complaints from concerned residents and prompting officials to search for its source. The incident sparked a wave of clever banter among locals, with many playfully suggesting that the gates of Hell had opened up in the bustling metropolis of approximately 12 million people.

According to a statement from MosEcoMonitoring, an environmental watchdog in Moscow, residents began reporting the “unpleasant smell of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and oil products in the air” early on Monday. The origin of this mysterious odour remains the subject of an investigation by the authorities.


Neo-con and Zionist media


The use of this picture in the preceding story aims to illustrate what is happening. It was featured on Yahoo News yesterday. Primarily, it highlights the growing arrogance of the press and their perception of the American public as lacking intelligence. Unfortunately, a significant number of Americans are seen as falling into the category of being uninformed or lacking critical thinking skills.

Common sense would tell you that this picture is wrong

The use of an outdated picture in the article, depicting someone in inappropriate attire for the winter season, raises concerns about the integrity of both the author and the publisher. This specific image was originally captured during the 2010 fires in Moscow, and its inclusion in a completely unrelated context demonstrates either arrogance or ignorance on the part of those responsible. It underscores their willingness to follow instructions blindly, regardless of accuracy, truthfulness, or ethical standards.

This incident is a clear example of how the media manipulates public perception by shaping the narrative. It also highlights the absence of genuine press freedom in the United States. Interestingly, many discerning readers on Yahoo’s platform quickly detected the deception.

As further evidence that the aforementioned picture was taken in 2010, it’s worth noting that several US-controlled media outlets have conveniently removed it from their archives.


Scroll to the 4th picture in the link below, the article is in Romanian but all you need to do is see the picture. It is the 4th picture. http://www.epochtimes-romania.com/fotoslide.php?id=12


A Mad Referendum in Switzerland Could Permanently Warp the World’s Gold Market

A peculiar proposal has been presented by a Swiss political party, suggesting that the country’s central bank should allocate one-fifth of its $547 billion reserves into gold. However, this move could significantly heighten the risk factor during financial crises, given the highly volatile nature of gold prices. As evidence, the price of gold is currently declining, recently dropping below $1,200 for only the second time this year.

Despite the potential risks involved, the Swiss People’s Party, known for their prior successful referendums on stricter immigration policies and banning new minarets, believes this idea to be advantageous. The party has organized an upcoming referendum that would require the central bank to acquire thousands of tons of gold. The entire Swiss population will have the opportunity to vote on this matter in precisely one month’s time.


The Wall Street Journal lays out the details of the proposal:

A proposed measure by a Swiss political party suggests that the Swiss National Bank should increase its gold holdings to one-fifth of its $547 billion in assets. Currently, the bank holds less than 8% of its reserves in gold. If the proposal is implemented, the Swiss National Bank would be prohibited from selling any of its gold, and all of it would have to be stored in Switzerland.

Recent polls indicate that the referendum has a strong chance of passing. This has raised concerns among experts, including UBS economist Beat Siegenthaler, who warned that the outcome could have significant implications for the gold market and other financial markets. It is commonly believed that investors turn to gold, often referred to as “gold bugs,” as a safe haven during times of potential inflation, particularly in response to interest rate cuts and quantitative easing measures.   Full story

What is wrong with keeping your gold and attempting to back your currency with gold? The only ones who would be upset are the avaricious bankers who cannot create money out of thin air. Laws like this and establishing the Shanghai Gold Exchange, where all contracts are settled in gold rather than worthless paper, will soon undermine the corrupt and manipulated markets in the US and London. Gold will experience a significant upward surge and will make substantial leaps and bounds. The lower gold and silver prices drop, the more one should consider buying.

China signs currency swap deal with Qatar in the heart of the petrodollar system.

The petrodollar system refers to the arrangement where oil is globally traded in U.S. dollars, which has been a crucial factor in establishing the dominance of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. This system has been in place since the 1970s when the United States forged agreements with Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations to price oil in dollars.

The recent agreement between China and Qatar to establish direct currency swaps using the Chinese yuan is considered a significant development within the context of the petrodollar system. Although the initial value of the agreement is relatively small, it signifies another step toward recognizing the yuan as an alternative currency for trade in the Middle East.

China has actively pursued the internationalization of the yuan and the expansion of its usage in global trade. By setting up currency swaps with various countries, including those in the Middle East, China aims to reduce its dependence on the U.S. dollar and increase the utilization of its own currency in international transactions.

It’s essential to acknowledge that the petrodollar system is deeply ingrained and has been a cornerstone of the global financial system for decades. While the acceptance of the yuan in specific trade agreements may indicate a potential shift in the future, it’s unlikely to immediately or significantly impact the dominance of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. The petrodollar system remains complex and multifaceted, involving various economic, political, and military factors.   Full Story

We recently mentioned that the rate at which new deals are being made to challenge the dominance of the dollar would significantly increase. This is indeed happening now. In contrast, there’s a lot of attention on the dollar strengthening, and it appears as if everything is going smoothly. However, a metaphorical coffin is being constructed with a substantial iron lid for the greenback, and its eventual decline will be painful and devastating for those who are not well-informed. History is unfolding, and soon there may be a sense of unity and optimism (signified by singing “Kumbaya”). Interestingly, when that moment arrives, it might signal the peak for the dollar.

Originally published Sep 23, 2016, and updated Aug 2023

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Stephen Ranger

This looks like a very scary scenario. If you look at what is going on around the world, the outcome is highly likely.

Tactical Investor

Th Goal ultimately is to control the masses completely; at present they control roughly 80% of the crowd so they are almost there. Once they control 90% it will be game over; actually it’s almost game over now, but at 90% they will be able to sell any lie and the masses will buy it hook line and sinker