Mastering Market Topping: Strategies for Making Informed Decisions

Mastering Market Topping: Strategies for Making Informed Decisions

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Market Topping Indicators Pointing to a Potential Pullback

Extracted from the Feb 11, 2013 Market Update 

Despite a range of compelling indications suggesting that the markets may be poised for a significant decline (a few of which are outlined below), it is noteworthy that the trend indicator continues to signal a bullish trend. However, we will carefully analyze critical data points before concluding.

Historically, we have observed clear signs of market topping, but in such instances, at most, the market experienced a minor pause before resuming its upward trajectory and reaching new highs. Complicating matters, the Federal Reserve’s continuous commitment to inflating the markets through ongoing quantitative easing has resulted in rule-bending measures. Given this backdrop, adhering to traditional contrarian strategies or ideologies is futile and perilous. Instead, in this market, one must leverage mass psychology alongside reliable indicators not reliant on manipulated data, one such hand being the recently developed trend indicator.

A notable psychological shift has occurred as retail investors become increasingly bullish after prolonged hesitation. This development holds significance for long-term prospects, suggesting the potential for higher prices. However, in the short term, it also implies the possibility of a corrective phase.

Moreover, insider selling has reached an extreme level, reinforcing the likelihood of an impending correction. It is essential to recognize that insiders today exhibit remarkable agility, making it unwise to view this as a long-term trend. They now engaged in market transactions ten times faster than five to six years ago.

Furthermore, there is a notable increase in speculation, exemplified by the resurgence of subprime mortgage bond sales. The subprime market is once again heating up. On a related note, this underscores the importance of caution when considering a real estate purchase unless a favourable deal is available. We have emphasized the significance of acquiring property only if it represents an exceptional opportunity. If an attractive value is not forthcoming, it is advisable to exercise patience, as short-term indications point to a potential price correction.

The Impending Currency Battle

The stage is set, and it is only a matter of time before all participants engage in the forthcoming currency war, giving rise to the prevailing mantra of “devalue or perish.” This scenario will inevitably result in new or multiple bubbles as investors scramble to find safe havens for their capital. Among these bubbles, the precious metals sector will undoubtedly emerge as one of the prime beneficiaries. Eventually, the entire commodities sector will succumb to a phase of hyperinflation. Inevitably, these markets will crumble under their weight and implode.

As we predicted years ago, this all-out war would undeniably impact the financial markets, altering their customary trajectories and propelling them to new heights as investors flock to capitalize on the opportunities presented. This serves as confirmation that the needs still possess substantial upside potential. However, it is prudent to acknowledge that they are susceptible to a much-needed correction in the short term.

 Smoother Volatility Ahead, Favoring the Upward Trend

Expect a decrease in extreme volatility, with most movements aligning with the prevailing upward trend. Days of wild swings, where markets fluctuate by 200-300 points in a single day, are unlikely until volatility readings surge again.

Bonds Indicate Potential Reversal Amidst Turbulence

Despite the tumultuous market conditions, bonds display indications of establishing a bottom. Among the four primary indicators on daily charts, the strongest signal has generated a new buy recommendation. Consequently, it seems only a matter of time before the remaining indicators follow suit. Historically, a bond rally is often accompanied by a market pullback.

 Euro Signals New Selling Opportunity

A new sell signal has emerged in the daily analysis of the euro. The euro tends to trend in the same direction as the broader markets.


The resilience of the SPX (S&P 500) indicates that, at present, any significant market downturns should be considered favourable moments to buy. Our trend indicator and many investors who have yet to participate actively support this view. Despite being widely criticized, this bull market has encountered widespread scepticism. Approaching every pullback as an opportunity to buy is crucial until the trend indicator turns negative or generates a clear sell signal.

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