Russian orchestra holds concert in Palmyras ruins

Russian orchestra holds concert in Palmyra ruins

Russian orchestra:  Playing For Peace

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Russian Orchestra: Music of Peace

Russian maestro Valery Gergiev on Thursday conducted his orchestra in the ancient theater of Syria’s ravaged Palmyra, only weeks after it was recaptured from the Islamic State’s grip.

The concert brought music to the ancient site that IS notoriously used to hold public executions after it overran Palmyra last year.
The Mariinsky orchestra, where Gergiev is director, “will give a concert ‘Praying for Palmyra. Music brings ancient walls alive’ on the site of the world-famous amphitheatre of Palmyra in Syria,” it said in a statement.

Syrian troops backed by Russian air strikes and special forces on the ground recaptured the UNESCO world heritage site Palmyra from Islamic State group fighters in late March, delivering a major propaganda coup for both Damascus and Moscow.

Russian army sappers said last month that they had cleared the mines from the ancient site — known as the “Pearl of the Desert” — where jihadist fighters blew up ancient temples and looted relics.

Gergiev is one of the world’s best known conductors but has faced some criticism in the West for his strongly pro-Kremlin views, with his tours sometimes interrupted by protesters.

The concert in Palmyra will not be the first he has conducted in a place where the Russian military has carried out controversial operations.

In 2008 the Ossetian-native conducted a concert in Tskhinvali, the main city in separatist Georgian region of South Ossetia that was heavily damaged in the short Russian-Georgian war that year.



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