Hillary Desperate for Presidency-falsely Portraying Putin as Enemy

Hillary Desperate for Presidency-falsely Portraying Putin as Enemy

Putin, like most Americans, is tired of Hillary’s lies.  About the only time, you can trust this woman is when her lips are not moving, and even then it’s questionable. She lies so much that even she no longer can separate the truth from a lie and Putin has had enough of this nonsense. What Clinton fails to understand is that Putin is not a weak, simpleton like her and Obama. Clinton is already suffering from various health issues, and memory is not one of her strengths. She would do well to try to focus on the issues at hand as opposed to creating stuff that does not exist.  Election day could turn out to be a massive shock to many; people who never voted before are lining up to vote for the 1st time in decades

Putin stated that Hillary is using “harsh rhetoric” and “threats” as means to distract Americans from reality; the reality being that if she were anyone else she would have been jailed long ago.


I consider this to be harmful and counterproductive, Putin stated 

“It’s not funny anymore. If somebody out there wants confrontation. This is not our choice but this means that there will be problems,” 

Mrs. Clinton has chosen to take up a very aggressive stance against our country, against Russia. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, calls for cooperation – at least when it comes to the international fight against terrorism,”  Stated Putin .

“Naturally we welcome those who would like to cooperate with us. And we consider it wrong, that we always have to be in conflict with one another, creating existential threats for each other and for the whole world,

And there you have it; warmonger Clinton is barking up the wrong tree. She should remember that Putin is not Saddam or Gaddafi


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