Trade Mistakes: Nature Created Masses To Serve As Cannon Fodder

Trade Mistakes

Trade Mistakes: The Crowd Always Panics at the wrong time

Why Most investors lose money in the Stock Market? Because they invest with their emotions:

From the Tulip bubble to the Financial Meltdown of 2008, the theme has been the same. The masses never learn, they always cry foul on the way down but gurgle with joy on the way up. In other words, when they are making money, they are okay with the risk, but when they start to lose, they scream bloody murder. One of the main reason most investors lose money in the Stock Market is that they never learn from history.  Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again.

Nature created the masses to serve as cannon fodder, and no matter what is done, nothing will change this. History is replete with examples of individuals who tried to help the masses; their only reward, in general, was the gallows or the bullet, depending on the era.  It comes down to perception; you cannot force someone to latch on to yours and vice versa.  This is why the Fed spend such an inordinate amount of time to alter the masses perception, and it was done gradually over a period of many decades.

Common is sorely lacking nowadays

Try talking to a regular person about the dangers of Fiat and how the Fed is ruling the world; most will roll their eyes at you and treat you like are a madman.  Sadly, the Gold Bugs do not understand this concept; there is no such thing as absolute truth because any truth or lie is based on the angle of observance and depending on the angle, the truth would appear to be a lie to another.  The top players have done a fantastic job of conning the masses, and it will take a monumental amount of pain and misery to change their outlook. Thus without a doubt, we can state that today’s mountain of debt which appears insane might one day seem to be sane in comparison ten years from today.

US Debt under 1 trillion for 100 years now one trillion is added every year

It took over 100 years for the debt to get to $1 trillion; in fact, the debt was below $1 trillion until 1981. Now we add a trillion dollars to the debt almost every year. Isn’t that insane; if the masses were going to rebel, should this not this be their moment to take a stand. Think about this for a second; we are creating the equivalent of 100 years worth of debt in just one year and not a peep from the masses.  Who’s to say the debt cannot be pushed to 100 trillion or 500 trillion. After all, they are just digits on a machine, and this money can be created in seconds.

Investing is not A black or white Type Subject

Why Most investors lose money in the Stock Market? Because they invest with their emotions

I know it is hard to change the way you think especially since everything is painted in a black and white picture. On one side you have those that embrace Fiat and on the other hand, you have those who despise it. What if both were wrong, what if the top players purposely created the scenario so that these two groups would flourish and in doing so hide the real picture.

FIAT is not bad, it’s bad only because private bankers control the money, and these bankers are the biggest crooks in the world. It is like putting a fox in charge of the hen house, nothing good will come of it. Thus, if they were not in charge of it, the outlook would not be so bad.  If we have a gold standard and crooks are allowed to control the reserves, which is the case currently, what’s to prevent them from lying to the masses.

Latching onto any perspective can be dangerous

What you need to understand that latching on to any perspective prevents you from seeing the other half of the equation, and that is the elite players master game plan; to make you take a side and stick to it.   Remember there always at least three perspectives to any situation; the masses will only see two and latch onto one of them. If the premise is wrong, no matter how hard you try, you will never find the right answer. This is why the solution is to identify the real problem and not grab one of the solutions being pushed on you by the elite players.

Game Plan For Dealing With Trade Mistakes

The Fed is hell-bent on flooding the system with money; there is no option but to devalue the currency or die.  This is what every central bank worldwide is doing. Thus anyone that tries to resist runs the risk of destroying their economy.  The real solution is to let the economy go through a cleansing phase, but today’s society is not ready to deal with such pain.  Central bankers are more than happy to accommodate this stance, for it means they can pretend to help the masses while fleecing them of their last penny.   The stock market will continue to roar until the masses embrace this market.  As the masses hate this market it has a long way to go before it blows up

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