Emotional Manipulation Is Big Money’s favorite Weapon

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional Manipulation is aking to Psychological warfare

Psychological warfare is here to stay whether you like it or not and it’s being employed with ruthless precision in the financial industry. How many times have you run into services or a service that guarantees they have found the holy grail, and after you lost a ton of money all you can do is say Holy S**T.  This is psychological warfare; they create stories and scenarios that will elicit a reaction from you and instead of focusing on the facts your mind wanders off and starts imagining what it’s going to do with all this future money you are destined to make.

The mass media are conducting the other part of the psychological warfare; they are changing the masses angle of observation and in doing so recreating an alternate reality. They see what they want to see, and it reminds us of  “Plato’s allegory of the cave.”

How To Protect Yourself from Emotional Manipulation 

Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve and get to the point where you can examine any situation from at least two angles.  When your temper starts to rise, understand that the strong stance you are taking is being taken adopted by the person with an opposing view. He is not wrong because he thinks he is right just because you feel you are right. The smart player decides to call it quits at this point; it does not pay to bash the truth in. If you do is you are likely to face the same treatment in the future. Mainstream media has an agenda now; they want to polarize the crowd. If you look at the world right now, you can see that the trend of polarisation is going ballistic.

Don’t commit yourself to any given camp or position

If you have to commit yourself to a camp, then move into the camp of neutrality while you examine the situation at hand.  Committing yourself to a camp, means you have reduced your range of observation by 50% or more.  applying the same principle to the stock market, you can see how limiting it can be, and that’s the reason most investors lose money when it comes to investing.

Use the data out there, instead of blocking some of it; data is meant to be used so don’t let it go to waste by limiting the range of your vision.  The puppet masters are not hamstrung with such limitations; they can easily navigate through the sewer of ever-changing opinions. They never build a home in one camp; instead, they vacation in all of them and leave when the trend changes.

Hot Money will drive everything going forward, and Fraud will soar

Hot money is going to drive everything going forward for the fake bailout package created after the financial crisis of 2008 proved that the masses could be conned into buying anything. The banks that committed the fraud were bailed, but the victims were left to hang dry; if that’s not proof enough for you, nothing will.

The divide between the rich and poor continues to grow; the super-elite control most of America today and the working class is sold the lie that hard work pays off. In fact, the opposite is true, hard work sends you to an early grave, while those that do nothing but have the right connections walk away with millions and billions of dollars.

Emotional Manipulation; the idea is to make people feel helpless

Experiments have shown that once rats are made to feel helpless; instead of swimming for hours and hours when put in a pool of water they give up and opt for death rather quickly.  However, these same rates if provided with a second chance suddenly turn around and become fighters. All that was needed to bring about change was for these rats to be given some encouragement and then these rats are ready to fight for their lives.

The top players are employing the same tactic on the masses; they are throwing so much at the average person that the person eventually moves into a state of helplessness and accepts whatever fate is bestowed upon them.

Resistance is non-existent today

Take a look around today; resistance is almost nonexistent; it reminds us of the Borg in the star trek series when they would utter the words “resistance is futile” as that seems to be the case today.  Now the Bailout program and the QE programs worked so well and with so little resistance, nothing will stand in the way of the bankers form printing trillions and eventually quadrillions of dollars.

The idea has been to convince the masses that FIAT is real and what better way to do this then to drive in the point that then to create the illusion that every disaster can be fixed if enough money is at hand. Almost nobody believes in the concept of hard money and in that sense the Fed has already won the central part of this battle.

Fiat will only end when the masses are completely bled dry, and there is entirely no hope in sight at that point they will rebel and destroy everything in sight.  We would not hold our breaths for this event, for it could take another 50-100 years to unfold.

For now, focus on the opportunity factor; until Fiat is eliminated stock market crashes should be viewed as opportunities to buy stocks you would have loved to own at a fraction of the original price

Tactical Investor Update Aug 2019

One should remember the paragraph above every time the urge to panic starts to rise; no bull market has ever ended on a note of fear or anxiety. Despite the media trying to create a new narrative to prove otherwise for the past several years; they have failed miserably. And this illustrates that news, in general, should either be treated as rubbish or viewed through a humorous lens.

In terms of the stock market, until the Fed changes its mind, all sharp corrections have to be viewed as buying opportunities, and backbreaking corrections have to be placed in the category of “once in a lifetime events”, provided of course the trend is positive. That is what we are here for; to inform you if the trend is positive (Up) or negative (down).

The world is going to witness a Fed that has decided to make a cocktail of Coke, Heroin, Crack and Meth and take it all in one shot. Imagine what a junkie on this combination of potent drugs is capable of doing, and you will have an idea of where the Fed is heading in the years to come.  Market Update Feb 28, 2019  Forever QE & Stock Market Bull 2019

Masses are still Nervous

Now the markets are pulling back and we are getting triggered into some of these plays. Don’t let market volatility change the angle of your perception. The masses complain about better prices when their wish comes true, they panic and flee to the hills and that is what they call investing. They are either oscillating between misery or euphoria and both have a dangerously short lifespan.

Buy when the masses panic and sell when the masses are euphoric; this plan has not failed to date.


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