Deaths Due To religious violence will continue to soar

religious violence

Deaths due to religious violence

Updated Dec 2022 

There is no indication that this will stop. Shortly after the last update, all hell broke loose in Turkey, validating our argument that we would continue witnessing a rise in violence. Violence in the US, not necessarily religious based, is projected to increase also; hardly a day goes by when you do not hear some story of someone getting shot or killed.   Several companies stand to benefit from this; guns and protective gear sales will surge in the years to come.  In the US, we stated that violence towards officers of the law would rise, and in some cases, police officers will get shot at for almost no reason.

Several companies will benefit from this, but for now, only one looks good when put through our indicators; the company in question is TASR, which will be covered under the pending plays in the trend section.

Russia will continue to resist the USA, and soon it will start to take the aggressor position whenever we challenge its interests.  China is following Russia’s lead, and the action is hitting a boiling point in the South China sea’s. We would not be surprised if China suddenly decided to strike on the Offensive first.

Religious violence will soar, as well as  Stupidity & Arrogance.

The trend here is in full swing, so expect leaders, stars, and people around you to behave arrogantly and act stupidly in months to come.  Arrogance is a form of stupidity as the person confuses it with the concept of confidence. A confident person knows something but acts like he knows nothing. You can tell by how they talk and work that they are specific regarding a particular topic. An arrogant person does not stop blabbering unless you slap him.

Religious violence is soaring because of intolerance.

This will not only be restricted to different religions but also occur within subgroups of the same faith; for example, Anglicans and Catholics or Sunni and Shiite.  The number of Christians is surging in China, and at some point, this will contribute to a surge in violence between Muslims and Christians in China.  For now, the government is being equally harsh on both religions; the government favours pragmatism over religion. However, the levels of violence between different religions will, in general, be milder in Asia as compared to that Europe. Europe is going to be the epicentre regarding religious intolerance and wars.

Try to understand what is happening; this was planned a long time ago, and everything is playing out perfectly. We have covered this topic several times over the past 18 months. Look at how things spiralled out of control all of a sudden. Why did this happen? Who stands to benefit from this? Could it have been prevented? If it could have, why was nothing done? Etc, these are the questions you should ask yourself; play the devil’s advocate, and you will be surprised at what you find.

Religious Violence on the rise 2019

Religious violence is undergoing a revival. The past decade has witnessed a sharp increase in violent sectarian or religious tensions. These range from Islamic extremists waging global jihad and power struggles between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the Middle East to the persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar and outbreaks of violence between Christians and Muslims across Africa. According to Pew, in 2018, more than a quarter of the world’s countries experienced a high incidence of hostilities motivated by religious hatred, mob violence related to religion, terrorism, and harassment of women for violating religious codes.

The spike in religious violence is global and affects virtually every religious group. A 2018 Minority Rights Group report indicates that mass killings and other atrocities are increasing in countries both affected and not affected by war alike. While bloody encounters were recorded in over 50 countries, most reported lethal incidents involving minorities were concentrated in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hostilities against Muslims and Jews also increased across Europe, as they made threats against Hindus in more than 18 countries. Making matters worse, 55 of the world’s 198 countries imposed heightened restrictions on religions, especially Egypt, Russia, India, Indonesia and Turkey. Full Story


Religious Violence in India

This comes at a time when there has been a proliferation of caste-based and religious-based hate crimes. Hindu mobs continue to beat up and kill members of India’s Muslim minority and its lower castes. Human rights activists accuse Mr Modi and his political allies of stoking an atmosphere of Hindu nationalism that has contributed to the violence. Most often, the attackers go unpunished.

Some Indians saw the omissions in the crime data as more evidence that the Modi government is withholding information it considers incriminating.

“They are suppressing it very blatantly and very shamelessly,” said Roma Malik, a tribal rights activist. “The government is shutting down voices of dissent and shrinking democratic space.”

Hate crimes have spiked since Mr Modi took office in 2014. Between May 2015 and December 2018, at least 44 people were killed by cow protection groups, according to a recent report from Human Rights Watch. Full Story


 Religious intolerance and the coming civil war

Religious intolerance continues to rise.  Many European countries are now taking serious action against Muslims, banning the building of mosques in certain parts of the country or making the process extremely hard.   We are not concerned whether this is good or bad as we are observers and try to our best not to interact.  This simply means that we have a new trend in place.

The first move was many of these immigrants, most of which came from poor countries where they had very little, so their mindset was to take as much as they could when they landed in countries that had excellent social programs in place to take care of their own people; it also just so happened that the majority of these new immigrants to Europe also happened to be muslin. Remember, this ignorance and stupidity are colour and religion blind.

Now the local natives are retaliating and doing so in an authoritarian manner.  This could have been handled smoothly if some straightforward and benign rules had been added right from the start, but it’s too late to cry over spilt milk now.  The pendulum has swung; a new trend is a place, and this one promises to be even bitterer.

The locals (natives) from these European nations are now ready to fight, and when a group of individuals who have been quiet for so long suddenly change their position, you can bet that things will and can only get uglier.  Tolerance levels are dropping rapidly in Europe, so the net result going forward is extreme polarization; the net result is that the number of violent encounters between different religious groups will spike significantly.

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