Deaths Due To religious violence will continue to soar

Deaths Due To religious violence will continue to soar

Deaths due to religious violence

There is no indication that this will stop. Shortly after the last update, all hell broke loose in Turkey validating our argument that we were going to continue witnessing a rise in violence. Violence in the US not necessarily religious based is projected to increase also; hardly a day goes by when you do not hear some story of someone getting shot or killed.   Several companies stand to benefit from this; sales of guns and protective gear will surge in the years to come.  In the US we stated that violence towards officers of the law is going to rise and in some cases, police officers will get shot at for almost no reason.

Several companies will benefit from this but for now, only one of them looks good when put through our indicators; the company in question is TASR, and it will be covered under the pending plays in the trend section.

Russia will continue to resist the USA, and soon it will start to take the aggressor position whenever its interests are challenged by the US.  China is following Russia’s lead, and the action is hitting a boiling point in the South China sea’s. We would not be surprised if China suddenly decides to go on the Offensive and strike first.

Deaths due to religious violence will soar as well as  Stupidity & Arrogance

The trend here is in full swing, so expect leaders, stars, and people around you to behave more arrogant and act more stupidly in months to come.  Arrogance is a form of stupidity as the person confuses it with the concept of confidence. A confident person is someone who knows something but acts like he knows nothing. You can just tell by the way they talk and act that they are certain when it comes to a particular topic. An arrogant person does not stop blabbering unless you slap him.

Deaths due to religious violence soaring because of  intolerance

This will not only be restricted to different religions but will also occur within subgroups of the same faith; for example Anglicans and Catholics or Sunni and Shiite, etc.  The number of Christians is surging in China and at some point, this will contribute to a surge in violence between Muslims and Christians in China.  For now, the government is being equally harsh on both religions; the government favours pragmatism over religion. However, the levels of violence between different religions will, in general, be milder in Asia as compared to that of Europe. Europe is going to be the epicentre regarding religious intolerance and wars.

Try to understand what is going on; this was planned a long time ago, and everything is playing out perfectly as planned. We have covered this topic several times over the past 18 months. Look at how thing spiralled out of control all of a sudden. Why did this happen? Who stands to benefit from this? Could it have been prevented? If it could have why was nothing done? Etc, these are the questions you should be asking yourself; play the devil’s advocate and you will be surprised at what you find.

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