French presidential election 2017-Macron or Le Pen?

French presidential election 2017-Macron or Le Pen?

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Emmanuel Macron Won but is now hated; Continue Reading

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will fight for the French presidency after the country’s two main parties crashed out of the first round for the first time since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958.

Conservative François Fillon, dubbed the “Thatcherite” candidate, was eliminated on 19.91 per cent, with revolutionary Leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon coming fourth on 19.64 per cent, the Interior Ministry said.

“In a year, we have changed the face of French politics,” he said. “You have succeeded in convincing people that hope for our country is not a dream… In two weeks, I hope I will be your president, the president of the whole of France, the president of the Patriots,” – the term Ms Le Pen uses to refer to her supporters. Full Story

Macron’s approval ratings hit a record low

Only 40 per cent of the French population said they have a favourable opinion of Macron, a drop of 3 percentage points from last month and 12 percentage points from December, while 57 per cent said they hold a negative opinion of the president.

Macron’s approval ratings, 10 months into his term, are comparable to those of former presidents François Hollande (35 percent) and Nicolas Sarkozy (40 percent), according to the poll conducted by BVA, which surveyed 1,053 people on March 21 and 22.

The poll noted that support for Macron has decreased most significantly in low-income households — where only 21 percent hold a positive opinion of Macron — and among voters under 35, among other demographics. His approval ratings slipped below 50 percent for the first time among voters above 65, the poll also found.

Among those who said they were disappointed in Macron’s performance, many reiterate the idea he was “too arrogant” and a “president for the wealthy.” A growing number of people also said they think Macron is launching “too many reforms,” the poll found. Full Story

Seen as out of touch, Macron hits a new low in poll ratings

Macron also hit at France’s large social transfers this month, saying they cost “too much dough”.

“People are mixing up arrogance with determination and courage,” government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux told RTL radio station earlier this year, defending Macron’s reformist agenda.

The poll showed the decline in popularity was particularly acute among France’s over-65s — the age group where Macron found the strongest support in the presidential election last year.

In that category alone, Macron suffered an 8-point fall in one month to 38 per cent, highlighting pensioners’ frustration over the higher tax bills they have been paying since the start of the year.  Full Story


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