Did Trump lose in Colorado: Interesting information surfaces

Did Trump lose in Colorado due to Fraud; Interesting information surfaces


Did Trump lose in Colorado:

What went on in Colorado clearly illustrates that the U.S is not a democracy or a first-world country, but we are more like a banana republic run by prostitutes who have sold their souls to the corporate world.

The Denver Post reported on Aug. 25: “The GOP executive committee has voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state’s delegates to support the candidate that wins the caucus vote.”

Trump is now well ahead of Cruz in all polls, yet it begs the question of how on earth this guy can continue to win. The answer is due to rules designed to manipulate in a way so that the insiders hold onto power. However, what has happened is that the insiders never expected so many people to like Trump.  Voting for Trump has become a movement now. It’s more than politics, and it’s more than Trump himself. It’s a way for the people who are sick and tired of Congress and politics, as usual, to stand up and say F**K you to Congress.  Trump has become the masses’ Middle finger, which is why he continues gaining in popularity.

In another episode, in this instance, a voter recounts the terrible state of affairs; the set-up was so wrong and so backwards that it pushed a lot of the electorate to storm away in frustration.  Can anyone call this fair? I mean, this is the US, after all.  After you watch this video, you will be left wondering if this is the US or some rat hole in some forsaken place.

Interesting Factoids

Last August, out of nowhere and shortly after Trump decided to run, the Republican Party decided they would not let voters participate in the Early Nomination Process.  Welcome to the World of Fraud and theft.  This has been taking place forever in the markets, and now it’s moving into the Political scene and all aspects of your life.


Game Plan 

You need to stick in there and understand the system. This is why we utilize mass Psychology to understand the financial system, and once you master it, you will find out that it can be used to understand everything. These elections will be the dirtiest, most violent and most volatile in the U.S. On the same token, expect extreme gyrations in the markets. However, every pullback will be a buying opportunity. Sign up for our free newsletter to ensure you are positioned on the right side of the market.

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Wayne King

The same reason that Bernie Sanders is fast becoming the alternative choice.

The right one

Samuel Saint

Most likely. The press keeps making him look like a villain but in the end he prevailed. He is not the best candidate but he is the best candidate from the current selection.

Samuel Saint

True, people want something new and both Trump and Bernie offer that in varying degrees