South China sea showdown; Racism in Europe
South China sea showdown; Racism in Europe

South China sea showdown; Racism in Europe

 The heat is on; South China sea showdown, racism in Europe & getting paid not to work in Europe

South China Sea Showdown

The South China Sea Showdown: A Tragedy in the Making?

Satellite imagery of the South China Sea has established that over the previous twelve months, China has expanded its presence there by up to 1500 acres. The Chinese have been actively reclaiming land at the following reefs: Cuarteron, Fiery Cross, Gaven, Hughes, Subi, and the Union reefs (Johnson South and Johnson North reefs). One perspective on this activity is that it represents straightforward, aggressive Chinese expansionism, requiring a robust response. Alas, the situation is far more complex than this view suggests, and the policy response needs to take this into account. A few points merit highlighting.

First, it is not entirely clear that any international law has been violated. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Daniel Russel recently noted that Chinese “reclamation isn’t necessarily a violation of international law, but it’s certainly violating the harmony, the fengshui of Southeast Asia, and, its certainly violating China’s claim to be a good neighbor and a benign and non-threatening power.” Russel’s point is good counsel to the Chinese to ease up. However, one struggles to think of empirical examples to buttress his point. It is exceedingly rare for states on the periphery of any great power to view their neighbor as benign and non-threatening. Certainly, claims in the 1998-2008 period that China was viewed by its Asian neighbors as benign and unthreatening are now viewed as a far from accurate analysis. full Story

Forget the BS title as the author is only trying to garner page views, However, the other stuff has some value. What most do not understand is that the USA pushed China into this action by continuously telling them how they should or should not behave in their own backyard.

Had the USA not intervened, China would not have rushed to secure this zone. At this point, the more aggressive the USA is the more assertive China will be. 

The USA forgets how when it was in charge for almost the past 100 years, it was its way or the highway. It pushed and shoved around to get its way. Thus, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. The only thing now on the minds of these emerging powers such as China and Russia is Revenge. Diplomacy is over forever. Their tone will become more and more aggressive.  The U.S. is following the same path England took, and today well it’s just another small cog in the wheel, a far cry from the super power it once was.  It is stunning to see history repeat itself over and over again.  Counsel your kids on the value of history, teach them to embrace disasters and tell them its never cool when everyone agrees with you. Be nervous when everyone agrees with you, and be happy when they are in disagreement with you. We are off course assuming that you will be engaging in discussions that are sane and deal with topics that matter as opposed to idle chatter, which is best reserved for monkeys or hyenas.  


Racism in Europe

‘You don’t belong here’ said racist letter sent to Long Island family

There is a disturbing case of racism on Long Island. An African-American family got a nasty letter claiming that the Suffolk County Village of Lindenhurst is overwhelmingly white and “you don’t belong here.”Full Story

Intolerance is increasing in every aspect of the sense. The situation will continue to worsen.


Dutch immigrant kids take to street demanding ‘white’ classmates

Faced with an increasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have taken to the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking “white” pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.

Around 100 schoolchildren — Arabs, Turks, Africans, Moroccans — accompanied by their parents and teachers, wore provocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with “Is this white enough for you?”.Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrants’ daughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearing the shirts, which have “All children have the right to integrate” written on the back.

They “want more white children in the school to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Aminata, her smiling face framed by dangling African braids during Friday’s protest. “It’s important for later,” said the blonde-haired Annelies. “When we’re grown up we will have to deal with different cultures, we should already start learning to live together.Full Story

Such clashes are going to become the norm soon. We warned of such events and the trend is up to strengthen.



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