Crowd Sentiment Stating Stock Market Not Ready to Crash

Crowd Sentiment Stating Stock Market Not Ready to Crash

This week’s sentiment data reveals that a 35% of investors are in the neutral camp and an additional 25% are in the Neutral camp clearly proving that the Crowd is far from bullish.  What will it take to turn the crowd bullish? A very good question without a very good answer. This market falls into the insane category as well, and that is why we have been focusing so strongly on the trend indicator and market sentiment. Technical analysis comes in at distant a third.  Insane individuals have been known to do the unpredictable, and this applies to this market. It has defied all expectations. As a further precaution, once our key proprietary indicators ( on the monthly charts) of the DOW, SPX and Nasdaq start trading in the extremely overbought ranges, we will take a defensive posture.

Crowd Sentiment is not bullish


Moving Average of Mass Sentiment illustrates Masses Are Still Scared 

We are keeping a running count of what is going on as history is being made; the market trends higher and anxiety levels instead of dropping are trending upwards.

Mass Sentiment is not bullish, Dow will trade higher


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