China Punishes 300,000 officials for Corruption; US does nothing


 China Punishes 300,000 officials for Corruption; US does nothing

China’s ruling Communist Party said Sunday that it punished nearly 300,000 officials for corruption last year. The party’s official watchdog body said that 200,000 of those were given light punishments and 82,000 handed severe penalties, including demotions within the bureaucracy. While many of those caught up in the crackdown are lower-level officials, China’s rulers have also taken steps to make high-profile arrests for corruption, like former security chief Zhou Yongkang and famed TV host Rui Chenggang.

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The body known as the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection rarely explains its methodology or what evidence it considers, and no other details were given in the brief statement posted on its website. President Xi Jinping has pressed a massive nationwide probe of corruption among officials of all ranks, including those in the party, government, military and state-run industries. 

The results of the probe, however, have left more question than answers. Full Story  

There are no questions left because China is, at least, doing something while we in the U.S have not yet punished one banker for causing the 2007 financial crisis. Can you imagine even though the documents reveal that all the major banks played a role in creating this crisis, not one banker has gone to Jail; our response is put up or shut up since the U.S has not put up, the media here needs to can it.

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