China & Russia Join forces to Destroy ISIS

China & Russia Join forces to Destroy ISIS

China & Russia Join forces

The Chinese government agreed to the Russian proposal of sending ground troops to Syria to help Assad by fighting against Syrian rebels and ISIS. The Chinese parliament passed a bill in last Sunday that would allow the Chinese troops to carry out anti-terror missions abroad. After passing the bill, China announced that they will ready to deploy some 5000 elite special forces into Syria to carry out the ground operation. China is known as the five superpower nation with a huge military and ground forces.

However, China is known for the least experienced ground forces in the world when comes to counter-terrorism missions. China too faced some terrorist’s activities in Chinese Islamic populated city Uighur, with the powerful ground forces China managed to eradicate the terrorist activities. China also deployed some ground forces in many African nations to secure their interests. Full Story

And what we predicted has come to pass; China has teamed up with Russia and as a result, the U.S has now lost the Middle East forever or at least for the next 100 years. The new dominant players in the region are going to be Russia, China, and Iran. The biggest losers are going to be Saudi Arabia (and all the other radical Wahabbi Islam followers), Turkey and the U.S. 

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