Best Investing Books; Hint They are not what you think


The Best Investing Books

I have yet to read one technical analysis book that I was not inclined to throw into the trash can. Over the years, I looked at many books that covered this topic, and have found nothing of value out there. There are some books, with great pictures but other than that they contain nothing of value.  Almost every author seems to want to go out of his or her way to make the subject look complex. Secondly, half the studies they mention are useless, and I am being conservative.   Here are some simple examples, Head and shoulders pattern, rising wedge, bull flag, cup and handle, and a host of other nonsense.

Let’s also not forget about the silly omens these books like to brag about, like the almighty useless death cross or the infamous Hindenburg omen, etc.. You would be much better served if you can master the art of drawing a simple trend line.

Here is what we would recommend

As for what books we would recommend, be prepared to laugh at first because you will assume I am joking; a good healthy dose of laughter is always a good thing

One of the best books for novice traders is “Aesop’s fables”. It contains a plethora of stories that deal with the topic of Mass psychology and in a straightforward format. If traders put half of the concepts discussed in those fables to practice, they would fare much better. For example:

The boy who cried wolf (perfect illustration of today’s experts)

The hare and the turtle (a great illustration of the slow but sure concept)

Preferred Reading list 

  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Michel Montaigne; read the abridged version
  • Herman Hess (this is optional but can prove to be insightful choose a random book by this author)
  • Extraordinary popular delusions
  • The madness of crowds and Psychology of the Crowds by Gustav Le Bon

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