Nationalism Rising In The EU

Austrian president urges strong support for EU to defeat nationalism
Editor: Vlad Rothstein | Tactical Investor

Nationalism Rising In The EU

He chose to visit Brussels on his first official trip abroad.

“You need a personality that is convinced that Europe makes sense.

“Also, you must be crazy to believe that the old-fashioned national sovereignty of the 1930s gives you more power for your own country than being a member of the union.

“You don’t have to be particularly intelligent, I think, to understand that but obviously, you have to put some energy and time in that, in our case, it worked,” he said.

Van der Bellen said that Brexit which he called a “tragic mistake of the majority of the British people” had the “paradoxical outcome”.

He said that it made Austrians to be more aware of the importance of being a member of the EU. full story

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