Analysts: The Team at Tactical Investor

Analysts: The Team at Tactical Investor


The Analysts Powering Team TI

This roster provides a glimpse into the collective of Team TI. Beyond these profiles, our team comprises adept specialists in imagery and video and other experts in the realm of technical analysis. These individuals play a pivotal role in refining our cutting-edge tools and discovering more effective methodologies for processing and collating psychological data. As the beating heart of our multifaceted operation, each member contributes unique expertise to our shared mission, enhancing the comprehensive scope of insights and strategies we offer. This unity propels us to constantly innovate, adapting to evolving market dynamics and delivering top-tier solutions to our discerning clientele.


Sol  Palha

Sol is a diligent and self-motivated individual who has extensively studied various aspects of technical analysis and market timing. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge through his voracious reading of conventional and non-conventional texts. In addition to his broad reading, Sol holds multiple degrees, including two in Economics and Psychology, where he excelled and graduated with honours. His academic background has strongly influenced his belief in the significance of Mass Psychology concepts as invaluable tools for successful investments.

Sol holds a critical view of the current state of our education system, which he perceives as deeply flawed. According to him, the system has the potential to negatively impact individuals, transforming them from mentally stable individuals into individuals plagued by various issues. Sol firmly believes that students enter the education system with their sanity intact but emerge with their mental well-being compromised.

Quotes From Sol

We enter the education system sane and emerge insane.

They don’t want us to think, just regurgitate the verbal vomit they feed us, generation after generation and wipe out any new ideas and willpower 90% of the population had before going in”

He has been studying the markets for over 21 plus years. He specializes in mass psychology, technical analysis and a new field of study that he has pioneered, Esoteric Cycle Analysis and Phase analysis. In addition, he combines multiple time frame analyses with standard deviation analyses in a unique way to help determine market tops and bottoms.  Traders who have heeded his predictions have significantly profited from their accuracy.

Sol’s primary purpose in writing is to educate by illustrating that one of the most potent tools in investing is the simple concept of Mass Psychology and how the only way to win is to get rid of the mass mindset.  His articles show that he encourages individuals to learn and think for themselves. His hobbies include keeping up to date with all the new modern natural and scientifically validated treatments that emphasize healing the body naturally, and when time permits, he writes poetry.

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Mitch Rothstein

Mitch Rothstein is an expert in dividends, long-term investing, and trend spotting. He offers valuable insights on generating income through dividends and emphasizes patient long-term investing. With extensive investment strategies and risk management knowledge, Rothstein guides investors at all levels. Through engaging presentations and publications, he simplifies complex concepts, empowering individuals to make informed decisions. Rothstein’s passion for education and dedication to helping others achieve financial goals have earned him trust in the financial industry.

Vladimir Bajic

He brings a wealth of expertise with a strong imagery, video production, and data collection background. His keen eye for visuals and mastery of storytelling make him a compelling content creator. As a meticulous data collector, he uncovers valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making. Vladimir’s deep fascination with market psychology allows him to anticipate shifts and devise effective strategies. Committed to continuous learning, he stays updated on industry trends, ensuring his skills remain cutting-edge. In summary, Vladimir B. is a versatile professional who combines creativity, analytical thinking, and strategic insights to help individuals and organizations thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.


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