Stock Market today: Why are most Americans not investing?

the panic and sell the rubbish Stock Market today

Stock Market Today; focus on the facts & not the Fear Factor

Americans will list a plethora of reasons as to why they can’t or won’t invest in the markets,  but most seem to centre around the fact that most of them don’t have enough to invest in the markets. However, these same chaps that don’t have enough to invest in the markets have enough to spend on $3.00 tasteless cup of coffee and or purchase an avocado sandwich that is even pricier. Many of these so-called broke individuals also just happen to have the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung model, both of which will set you back north of $700. The iPhone 10 when it comes out will cost north of $1000.00

You add all the things that people spend money on today, and you will find out that a large majority of the stuff they claim to need is not only unnecessary but also detrimental to their well being. Hence, stop fixating rumours speculating on whether the stock market today looks healthy or not. If the masses are scared then the stock market today or tomorrow or any other day is a buy. When the masses are happy its time to head for the hills and vice versa.


Stock Market Today: Sleep Well in Order to Think Well 

Stock Market today is always a buy as long as the masses are not bullish Nobody sleeps better than a baby; the saying sleep like a rich man originates from this observation. A man at peace sleeps like a baby and a man in pieces sleeps like a rabid wolf.

The money factor is total nonsense.  When people want to gamble or speculate, they find the money for this need. The right stimulus is needed to push them over the edge; in terms of speculating, that usually means access to easy money. Remember the and housing bubbles. A very recent bubble that no one has spoken of is the auto loan bubble; for the past few years, it has been ridiculously easy to get a loan to buy a new car. Many people who would otherwise not have qualified for an auto loan were given loans to stimulate this sector. Stupid people are easy to manipulate. One way to dumb down a person is to have them in a state of constant agitation, and that’s what’s going on now.

The used car market has taken a big hit and represents a hidden opportunity for the astute buyer. If you are in need of a great car, now is the time to buy a good used car for next to nothing. You can push very hard for a great deal, as the odds are stacked in your favour.

Stock Market Today or Tomorrow; forget the noise and focus on the trend

Bubbles are created because sceptical individuals eventually decide to embrace the investment they derided and they embrace it with such gusto that the word caution is eliminated from their vocabulary. The crowd is still suffering from shell shock after the 2008-2009 drubbing.  They will snap out and jump into the markets sooner or later, and when they do, we will know that a top is not too far in the makings.   The banks are going to find some way to provide the masses with easy money.  Until the trend turns negative, all sharp Pullbacks should be viewed through a bullish lens.


Stock Market today; tactical Investor take Tactical Investor Take

Until the masses snap out of their coma and embrace this market like a long lost love, the markets will continue to trend higher. The higher stocks trade, the more volatile the ride. Strong pullbacks do not mark the end of a bull market.  Euphoria marks the end of a bull market, and extreme fear is what leads to the next one.



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