New Jersey Teachers Losing Their Licenses

New Jersey Teachers Losing Their Licenses

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New Jersey Teachers Losing Their Licenses

Allegedly poor behaviour was a big reason why 13 teachers have already had their licenses suspended or revoked in 2018. Below is a list of the teachers, where nearly all of them taught and what they were punished for in just three short months.

Most of these teachers have had trouble with the law: some faced sex abuse or manslaughter charges, while one, a first-grade teacher, was accused of allowing an underage drinking party at her home that sent a 15-year-old boy to the hospital.

The board issues all certificates that are required for public school employment. Individuals must hold the appropriate New Jersey certification in order to be employed as teaching staff members in the public schools in the state. Full Story

New Jersey Teachers Losing Their Licenses at a very rapid clip

Twenty-eight teachers have temporarily or permanently lost their licenses over the past two months for bad behaviour as lawmakers continue to demand improvements to the state’s hiring system

The teachers were removed for a variety of reasons, from helping students cheat on the PARCC test to sex abuse and drug charges

The teacher was arrested once, fired twice from teaching positions and allegedly was caught with pornography on his school computer. But he still found work this past school year in another town, an NJ Advance Media investigation found.  Full Story

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