The Hidden Agenda, Rob, Poison, & Control the Masses

The Hidden Agenda, rob until you can't steal anymore

The Hidden Agenda: Lie, Cheat & Steal

The real power does not show its face. The top shadowy players are the true puppet masters; they are the ones that tell organizations that you think are in charge of what to do. Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Masons, etc., are all under the umbrella of this hidden power.

Currently, there is a new form of psychological warfare taking place. We have always contended that America is the testbed for psychologically and chemically based operations.  Psychological brainwashing starts the moment your child enters the public education system.

Once they leave this system, it’s game over for over 90% of the individuals. 10% escaping is acceptable as this 10% cannot bring about any effective change as they do not control the levers of power. In most cases, they never attain high-ranking positions, so they exist on the fringe, where they might garner new followers but never enough to bring on any meaningful change.

The Hidden Agenda of chemical warfare

Chemical warfare is conducted by poisoning the Food and Water Supply.  This does not need much explaining, and the video below highlights how this nefarious process is completed; one of the most difficult and hardly addressed issues is the effect of radiation leakage.

Is The Hidden Agenda being implemented via psychological manipulation?

The hidden agenda/goal is to see if they can make the masses accept concepts that would appear insane to the rational person.  So far, based on our calculations, it is working marvellously.

One prime example is the new acceptance on Wall Street and Main Street of Share Buyback programs.

When a person or an entity gets a taste of raw power, they never pull back. They seek more and more.  Hence, things cannot end well in the U.S. Why bother to allow natural economic forces to work out the excesses the system has built when you can achieve the same thing by creating money out of thin air? Sure, the people will suffer, no real jobs will be created, economic growth will be illusory, and only the very rich will become rich;  as long as the masses do not revolt, why bother doing anything else?

The ploy goes Global.

In Europe, the Europeans are angry that Muslim immigrants are invading them.  This is the distraction.  The truth is that their governments purposely created the environment for this.  The real story is that Europe’s birth rate is slow, and their welfare programs are far too large to continue supporting the natives.  Chaos has to be created to make the natives forget the real story.  They need a reason to inflate the money supply and destroy the currency. To do this, they need to create a distraction.

The distraction needs to be huge, one that triggers strong emotions and one in which the masses are ready to bestow new powers to their government.  The government then states it needs X amount of dollars or Euros to address the problem, but instead of asking for $100 billion, they over-allocate and assign $ 1 trillion to these new programs.  Most of this money is then funnelled towards wealthy organizations; the rich become richer, and the poor are left to eat dust.

This scheme has worked for generations.

And it will continue to work because the masses never catch on.   The religious wars that would unfold in Europe were planned, and the populace bought it.  Fake wars are created where we supposedly eliminate dictators and try to stabilize the area. However, the real agenda is to bring on additional instability, thereby making the need for massive arms sales and control of the population through the agents of terror that work for these hidden powers.

We stated long ago that we are now in the age of money.  The majority will no longer frown on doing dirty deeds; the only factor determining if they do the act, no matter how immoral or evil, will be the number of zeros you add to the check.  We live in a world where everything is for sale if the price is right.

The situation is destined to worsen, and nothing can stop it now. Everything is for sale. We expect the body part market to take off and legalized prostitution to gather steam. What is legalized prostitution?  Some of the marriages today fall under this category.   The option to lease before buying will debut soon in regard to Marriages.

Militaries for Rent and The Hidden Agenda

Nations will start to rent out their militaries to the highest bidder.

The biggest shocker, though we cannot lay a date to this event, will be the collapse of religions worldwide when several corporations release technologies that will significantly increase one’s lifespan, bringing us one step closer to the age of immortality. Then watch a new level of chaos unfold as all those who pretended to be religious let go and allow the wild and untamed side of themselves to manifest.  Companies already have life-altering technologies, but they are holding from releasing them.

Random ideas on investing

A winning strategy involves a powerful blend of mass psychology and technical analysis when investing. By understanding the Crowd behaviour of the market participants, one gains valuable insights into the market’s pulse. Market psychology plays a pivotal role in identifying trends; the rest becomes relatively straightforward once these trends are identified. Additionally, incorporating the fundamental principles of contrarian investing can elevate your trading skills to new heights, particularly when combined with the crowd’s wisdom and technical analysis.

Lastly, maintaining a comprehensive trading journal proves invaluable in gaining insights into your mindset and crafting a robust battle plan to confront any challenges.

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Originally published on Apr 7, 2016, and updated in March 2023

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