Trump chooses Breitbart’s Bannon and the blowback is swift

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Trump chooses Breitbart's Bannon 

Trump chooses Breitbart’s Bannon

Donald Trump has named Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of far-right publication Breitbart News, as his chief strategist and senior counsellor. The president-elect announced that Bannon would be working alongside Reince Priebus, a longtime party member who previously operated as Republican National Committee chair, with both men operating as “equal partners” in his administration.

The appointment of Bannon continues a working relationship forged in August when Trump hired him as chief executive of his campaign. As the head of Breitbart News, Bannon threw his lot in with Trump early, reportedly taking money from the candidate’s campaign, suppressing internal dissent over his selection, and instructing reporters to ignore negative stories about his campaign. This included the grabbing of Breitbart News journalist Michelle Fields by Trump’s previous campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Full Story


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