Top EV battery Companies for Investors

The End of Oil

By 2030, the gap between capacity that is added by fossil fuels and renewable energy will widen to as much as 400%.  The trend is in, and it appears that oil will have a hard time trading back to the lofty levels of $140.00.  For the next 12 months, oil is not projected to trade past $60 for any prolonged period of time. Note the cost of batteries continues to drop and at some point, the electric car is going to  become a real threat to the fossil fuel industry. Electric cars will eventually outsell Fossil powered Cars. Battery prices fell 35% last year and at this pace, the cost of an electric car should be comparable to the cost of Petrol-powered cars by 2020.  Bloomberg states that by 2040,  long range electric cars will cost less than $22,000 in today’s dollars.

[color-box color=”green”]There is a saying in the investment world; you have to be in it, to win it. In other words, just talking about it is not going to do you any good.  The trend is in place and nothing can change a trend that is in motion.  Use pullbacks to place extra money that you have lying around or cut back on things you don’t need and put this money to work in the market.  The trend is your friend and everything else is your foe [/color-box]

Top EV battery Companies for Investors

Source: EV Obsession

[color-box color=”orange”] Prudent investors might be interested in investing in the companies that are making this possible.  The image below provides an extensive list of battery manufacturers that you might be interested in opening a position in.  Use strong pullbacks to open new positions. To find the symbol just search for the company name on Google Finance or Yahoo Finance; here are few symbols that you can start working: NIPNF (NEC Corp) and Panasonic Corp (PCRFY) are two of the top battery manufacturers in the world. [/color-box]

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Not really, besides, the harm from EMFs is so much greater with electric cars. Just think about the basics of electricity- In an electric car you’re sitting on a GIANT battery in a GIANT METAL BOX, with NO GROUND. Guess what becomes the ground? YOU. EMF dangers are well-documented but completely ignored by most media, including you.