Stock Books For Beginners: Investing Beyond the Pages

Stock books for beginners

Stock books for beginners

July 30, 2023

Dear Sir or Madam, allow me to offer a word of caution regarding the plethora of investment tomes flooding the market.. Regrettably, most of these literary works, penned by self-proclaimed savants, yield scant merit and serve no higher purpose than enriching their authors. The proposition that one may amass wealth by adhering to the counsel of these so-styled luminaries is, to speak candidly, preposterous.

It is well-documented through various studies that hurling darts at a stock market listing yields more favourable outcomes than listening to the counsel of these purported “sages.”

Instead of squandering your invaluable time and hard-earned capital on such voluminous offerings, I earnestly implore you to direct your energies towards mastering the principles of mass psychology. Avail yourself of the freely accessible wealth of knowledge on the internet, and, with diligent dedication, you shall assuredly find yourself in a far more advantageous position than had you leaned upon these literary compositions.


Uncovering the Best Free Investment Resources on the Web: A Guide for Beginners

Indeed, it is quite true! Many self-proclaimed experts and their “advice-filled” books are a deceptive facade designed to fill their pockets with wealth. No, training a monkey to throw darts at a stock chart would be more profitable than listening to these fraudsters.

Do not worry, kind sir or madam, for plenty of free resources are available to enhance one’s knowledge of the stock market. Search the internet and discover the top 10 tools that can assist in making informed investment decisions. The masses may be swayed by the pretentious words of these so-called experts, but with a solid understanding of mass psychology and some diligent effort, you will be in a much better position to make wise investments.

Remember that it is your hard-earned money, and you must take the initiative to educate yourself. The internet has made it easy for charlatans to claim expertise, but it is your responsibility to distinguish between valuable information and nonsense. The masses drive market sentiment, so comprehending mass psychology should be your primary focus. The key to achieving success in investing lies in this understanding.

Yours sincerely, a voice of reason in a sea of investment fiction.

Uncovering Market Moods: Top Sites for Tracking Investor Sentiment Data

Tactical Investor Intro to Using Market Sentiment Data

NYSE Breadth

Sentiment Data

These links will give you the latest Economic data and upcoming economic events such as CPI, PPI, Unemployment numbers, etc.

Economic News 

Economic News & Charts 

The best way to make money is to invest in the most vital sectors and the most reliable stocks in areas. This site helps you find that information.

Sector Strength

Bar Charts 

Another way to find the best stocks is to list the criteria you are looking for. For example, companies with strong quarterly earnings, quarterly solid revenue growth,  Low P.E., etc., make the best long-term investments.

One of the Stock Screeners

Finviz Stock Screener 

This site will provide you with information regarding upcoming earnings.  In general, opening a position before earnings are released is not a good idea unless you are sure the company will do well. One way to find this information is to monitor business news releases. Sometimes, the CEO will say that the outlook is excellent and the product or earnings to date are higher than usual.

Earnings Info 

Yahoo Earnings Calendar 

Technical analysis can significantly enhance your stock market returns as it provides you with information as to when a stock is overbought or oversold. Overbought means too many people are jumping into the store and vice versa.  This site will provide the information you need to understand the basics of Technical Analysis. Then, you can move over to the resources that are listed below.  Always remember that the best time to buy is when the masses are panicking, and the best time to sell is when the crowd is jumping up and down with Joy.

Technical analysis for beginners

Incredible Chart

A Great online source for Charts 

Big charts 

Free Charting software

Stock Analyzer 

This is a great place to paper trade.  With a portfolio tracker, you can track your performances and see if you are getting into the right stocks at the right time. Paper trading provides you with the opportunity to test your trading skills. Only when you win more than you lose should you look to commit some money to the markets.

Portfolio Trackers 

Free Portfolio Tracker from Google 

Mastering Mass Psychology in Contrarian Investing

Indeed, for a discerning investor to succeed in the realm of Contrarian Investing, one must thoroughly grasp the fundamentals of Mass Psychology. Mass Psychology, in its simplest form, pertains to the examination of the prevailing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours within a given population. It’s evident that these collective attitudes play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of financial markets.

Consequently, the Contrarian Investor must possess the ability to identify these prevailing sentiments and possess the determination to swim against the current. This involves recognizing opportunities when the market exhibits excessive enthusiasm towards a specific asset or industry and taking a counter position when emotions reach their peak. The goal is to invest in assets and industries that are undervalued and out of favour, with the anticipation of profiting when the market inevitably shifts.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that this endeavour is not suitable for the faint-hearted. The Contrarian Investor must have a deep understanding of market dynamics and be ready to conduct thorough research. This encompasses dedicating time to educate oneself about the markets and sectors in which one intends to invest and utilizing technical analysis to inform investment choices. It is also crucial to develop a comprehensive plan, including profit targets and an exit strategy.

The key to achieving success in Contrarian Investing lies in a profound comprehension of Mass Psychology and a genuine appreciation for the intricacies of the financial markets. By adhering to these principles, the astute investor will be well on their way to reaping the rewards of this demanding yet ultimately gratifying investment style.

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