Splendid stock returns without 50/50 stock bond portfolio

Maximizing Your Wealth: Unlocking Splendid Stock Returns

Splendid Stock Returns: Uncovering Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Experts like Morgan Stanley and Barclays bank state investors should only look forward to low returns in the future.  These claims are based on the 50/50 stock bond portfolio model in the image below.

Splendid stock returns without 50/50 stock bond portfolio

Right off the bat, we can state that this kind of thinking falls under the category of Rubbish.  These experts should have said the following; the dismal results are based on this outdated model. If the model is changed, the results could vary significantly. If you change the model, the results can move from paltry to outstanding.

Making money in the markets has never been easy because too many people rely on talking heads like this to manage their money or provide investment advice. It’s like asking a shark not to give up meat and eat veggies only; the masses are sardines, and the big firms on Wall Street are the sharks. You can figure out how the story ends.

Making money in the markets could be much easier than you think, but you need to take control of your investment decisions and not rely on these scoundrels for advice. On a separate note, nothing beats mass psychology regarding long-term investing.

Achieving Financial Success: Harnessing the Power of Splendid Stock Returns

Ignore talking heads, so-called experts and all popular media.

Invest less money into bonds; the 50:50 ratio is a thing of the past. One good option

Identify strong sectors. You can do that by looking at sector heat maps or going to sites like Investor Business Daily and looking for breaking out industries.  You could also go to Finviz.com and screen for strong sectors though it is generally easier to use stock screening sites to find the strongest stocks.

Once you have identified new sectors ready to break out, you can use a stock screener to spot the strongest stocks in that sector.

Do not focus only on traditional assets; look for companies experiencing strong growth and where quarterly earnings are trending upwards.

Do not focus only on a one-time frame; spread your money into long and long-term trades.

Use options to boost your returns: if you are young, you can put aside some money to speculate on stocks poised to break out.  However, wait till you have locked in some profits from stock trading before jumping into options.  Older individuals can still trade options, but instead of buying them, they emphasise selling puts and calls, which are just as safe as buying stocks. One can lock in more than 30% per annum gains if implemented correctly.


The only mediocre thing is the model used to develop these claims. If investment firms cannot adjust to the changing times, why do you need them if all they can do is deliver low returns?  Don’t listen to these talking heads. Take control of your money, or someone else will.  Stop listening to the so-called experts and take control of your money.  The only weakness we see is the advice that so-called top firms are dishing out to their clients.

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