New Jersey Republicans Pack Trump’s 2020 rally

New Jersey Republicans Pack Trump's 2020 rally

New Jersey Republicans Pack Trump’s 2020 rally

New Jersey supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday welcomed his first campaign rally in the state the same way they celebrate heroes from the New York Jets football team to native son Bruce Springsteen – with a tailgate party. Braving cold weather in lawn chairs and under tents, they waved “Trump 2020” flags, decorated their dogs in pro-Trump bandanas and sported versions of his red campaign hat decorated with hair that evoked the Republican’s distinctive coiffure.

“It’s very family-like,” said John Fenlon, a 26-year-old parks and recreation employee from Monmouth County, who said he showed up at 5:30 a.m., about 13-1/2 hours before Trump’s expected arrival.

The Jersey Shore beach town of Wildwood, normally nearly empty in January, was abuzz with restaurants and hotels packed despite the chilly temperature.

Fenlon said the scene “sort of” felt like a tailgate party with two important caveats: “Not as many drunk people. … And there are not two teams. There’s only one team.”

“Jeff had the guts to defy the left-wing fanatics in his own party and to stand tall in defense of our Constitution, our freedom and democracy,” Trump said before bringing Van Drew on stage.

The welcome was not uniform in a state where Springsteen, New Jersey’s beloved rock star, described Trump in a 2019 television interview as “somebody who I feel doesn’t have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American.”

Progressive activist group Cape May County Indivisible held a “Trump: You are not welcome here” rally at the site but its presence was small. Full Story

We have been asked for our personal opinion regarding Trump and the elections. Our response is our personal opinion is on par with rubbish for it would mean that we would be allowing our emotions to do the talking. So over the years, we have learned to follow the trend and ignore the emotional factor. Now it’s almost second nature; however, this is our outlook based on trend analysis:

The hidden support we are tracking for Trump shows no signs of abating. Secondly, he still draws very large crowds to his rallies, something his rivals cannot lay claim to.  If one looks at the data objectively minus the massive emotional factor, one is left with no option but to conclude that the outlook is not as bad as media claims it is.  Which then begs the following question: who are the polling agencies polling?  This is interesting food for thought, and if Trump wins again, then these polling agencies should be put to pasture.  From a purely financial angle, the markets still favour a Trump win. As for the moral, political and any other angle one can come up with, it does not interest us in the least. We have no emotional stake in this issue and we have no interest in establishing a stake. We look at the situation through the eyes of an observer; an observer looks at the data and can digest the data whether it’s positive or negative without injecting emotion into the analysis.

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